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  1. Wear a good high spf/ppd ss(like Avene Emilsion SPF 50 or Bioderma) daily it will gradually fade away.I wear shiseido spf 55 lotion which is very cosmetically elegant but ppd is only 8-10.
  2. i recommend using Shiseido extra smooth sun protection cream or Sofina s/s
  3. i m now using The Body Shop Nourishing Night cream which is rich moisturizer which also helps in fading old acne scars.I have not experienced any breakout using this product so far.
  4. 3 mg Melatonin has helped in getting quality sleep which is non addcitive
  5. I would like to know is it safe to take iron supplements for guys
  6. After i began supplementing with zinc i m facing sleeping disorder i suspect i have iron defiency.i trying to eat iron rich food as much as possible.Recently i began supplementing with Melatonin which helps for getting quality sleep and it is non addictive.I take this 1 hour before i go to bed , i m happy with the results so far
  7. Shiseido Extra smooth sun protection cream SPF 36(in US) or SPF 38(in canada) keeps the skin matte all day long.But a good oil based cleanser is required to remove it.
  8. I think employer are more concerned about your attitude,problem solving skill,technical knowledge than physical appearance.
  9. Lily of desert aloe vera gel.It might not be very mositurizing enough if you are using any topical or medication which may dry the skin but it is soothing and helps in removing old acne scars.
  10. yes moisturizer is necessary to compensate for moisture loss during cleansing.
  11. I would suggest you to use Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Cream either twice or thrice a week at night.Sunscreen is a must while using AHA products.