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  1. tinklikeasurfer

    Advice on my Scarring

    thank you @beautifulambition I was also wondering if the accutane could possibly make the scars look a bit smaller in general? I was just wondering the basic types of treatment for this type of scarring, but i will try to find a clear picture.
  2. tinklikeasurfer

    Advice on my Scarring

    Hi there, I am new to acne.org and I was just wondering if any one of you knowledgeable members can assist me with figuring out a plan for my scarring. I am not sure if these are enlarged pores or icepick scars. I am in my 20s and on accutane so acne is not active and hasnt been for a while, the scars are mainly a result of hormonal changes from birth control in my teens. While i do not intend to do any scar treatment until after im off accutne, I still would like to get a head start. I real