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  1. Is there any study that comfirm that when you squeez frecuently you get higher sebum production? I have heard that it irritates the sebum glands and that you will get more sebum but it aint working that way for me, for me the one and only way to go is to squeeze every single one of those bastards away as soon as the shows up. If I dont squeeze I get acne. if I stop squeezing for a month or two my skin just gets worse and worse until i start squeezing again and than it starts to clear up in about
  2. Hello! Started taking Tetralysal first August 2016 and after about two weeks all pimples was gone and the sebum production went down to zero(not kidding:)) But since late september my skin has been more and more oily and today my skin is back where it began. 2 pills a day since start. How can this be?