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  1. Ditto. I know it sucks to have scars. I have them too. Its easy to say that if a person loves you they will love you scars and all. Its not easy to accept that when you're the one with the scars. Just knowing that they can see those scars you despise is hard enough to deal with...totally puts a dampener on your spirit. So i say..dont wait to meet someone you doesnt care about it. Do something about it for yourself, for the sake of your own confidence. I say Laser is an excellent treatment.
  2. Hey pple. I did what i thought i'd never do and signed the form. After being able to control the breakouts for the past few years, i just suddenly began breaking out with painful red bumps. ughhh. such a pain in the ass. And i'm 25. so i thought what the heck and went to see a derm. She promptly put me on oratane. So now 4th day on the drug. So far so good. No IB, No peeling anywhere, No suspicious rashes. The only difference i noticed is that my skin teture has become rougher. Anyone experien
  3. The BHA liquid never gave me any dryness. Perhaps you should use a smaller amount (I stick to just 4 drops for the entire face) and follow up with a good moisturiser to minimize the dryness.
  4. Ok i have these two pigmented spots on my face, one on the cheek and the other on the chin. The dark spots never seem to fade. Anyways, when i touch it, it feels like theres a fairly big bump although its not visible on the surface. But unlike normal acne pimples, it isnt red or swollen or even the least bit painful. But its uncomfortable that it seems to be there forever with the skin being slightly discolored. ugh. what the heck are those and how do i get rid of it?
  5. Queen Helene's mint julep masque. Clears out existing gunk deep in pores and makes the skin so smooth and refreshed. Smells great too. But, it might burn slightly cause its minty. Temporary though and its so worth it. Cheap too.
  6. I have never used either one but I think keeping it is as simple possible is always the best way to go. Mixing to many products together can be counter productive. Hey Nick. :) I knowww. I hate it that my regimen is complicated. But so far its been helpful in clearing up the clogged pores. But one thing it doesnt do is to prevent the blackheads from forming. I've been reading up and also going by word of mouth. I know salicylic acid is supposed to be very effective in exfoliating both the
  7. Hey everyone. I am currently using a glycolic acid (AHA) night cream. I am considering adding the Paula's choice BHA salicyclic acid to my regimen. Is this advisable? Pls do comment.
  8. Everyone has been through this whole teenage phase. I attempted suicide once as a silly teenager and ended up in hospital for one excruciatingly painful week. Needless to say, i am utterly ashamed to admit that. In fact, growing up isn't meant to be easy. Acne is just the icing on the cake. I'm proud that i made it to adulthood without becoming bitter and resentful. Seriously, i think that all the crap we tend to feel boils down to acne somehow. Its like you're having a wonderful day. The hotte
  9. Maybe its your current regimen that's causing the clogging. Do you mind stating your current regimen? I had a similar type of breakout about 2 months ago. After being pretty clear for almost a year, i suddenly broke out into painful acne. Those that form painful bumps under the skin but is not completely visible on the surface except for discoloration. I suspected it was partly due to my products which i had changed abt a month earlier. Anyways, i started making trips to an aesthetician and she
  10. Hey there. Sorry about your plight. I totally can sympathize as i used to get those painful cysts, facefuls of them, during my teenage years. I think you should simplify your routine. The worst thing to do to a painful cyst is to touch or squeeze them. The aftermath will be alot worse. Try a gentle cleanser like cetaphil instead of stronger stuff and treat twice a day with anti-pimple cream. You can use bp but i personally prefer herbal stuff. Like Himalaya brand acne and pimple cream. Try using
  11. My aesthetician started me on this glycolic acid night cream. It causes a slight temporary itch but she told me that was normal. Anyway, after using this, i notice that i get small pimples. Not inflamed acne but tiny ones. Is purging normal with GA? Its really annoying but on the plus side, my skin is soooo smooth and the my skin tone is getting more even and radiant. If this is only a temporary purging until the pores clear then i want to just stick it out because i love the other effects. BTW,
  12. Hey there. I would suggest the acne and pimple cream from the Himalaya brand. Don't know if you can get it at Walgreens though. But its excellent and clears up isolated pimples without causing marks. And its 100% herbal. I don't like using too much chemical gunk on my face because from experience, it only causes more acne. This is the cream: http://www.herbalprovider.com/acne-n-pimple-cream.html
  13. haha. pimple on the butt is embarassing, especially if its bad enough to have to see a doctor. I would say, behind the ear. Whoever would think to look there! Having long hair helps too
  14. The only thing i can tell is that you're majorly cute ;)