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  1. I do apply it how dan says... a generous amount all over my face...but I only do it once a day...because I have sensative skin.
  2. I took mino for over a year and it cleared me right up...but the side effects suck!!!! I didn't get dizzy...but I was very careful to drink lots of water and not lay down after taking it. My brother who also tried it... got such horrible side effects he had to stop taking it... if your body doesn't get used to it within a couple of weeks I would suggest that you stop taking it... such a nasty drug...
  3. So i have lots of really tiny red and white bumps all over my face...sometimes they get inflamed but they are pretty tiny... and they are focused around my forehead, cheeks and chin. I am currently using neutrogena's 2.5 bp spot treatment...but I am tempted to try dan's bp. I have been using bp for over a year.. do you think that my face will have a reaction to his bp? or is all bp pretty much the same!? also do his products work only for inflamed acne...or do they get rid of whiteheads...a
  4. I also use this product...and have been for a little over the a year. In the beginning I used the bp based on dan's instructions...twice a day- building up the amount. However it was way too much for my skin... it would itch, made my skin red... and really really dry. So I started only doing the bp at night... and say great improvements. You could try using the product just once a day til you skin gets used to it, and depending on how you feel-bump it up to twice a day (i still only use it once
  5. So last year I experienced a burst of cystic acne and my doctor put me on Minocycline and I also did my own version of DKR...with my own products... I used Neutrogena cleansing clothes that come in the orange tub... neutragena's BP spot control... and a clean and clear lotion with sunscreen... i cleared within 3 or so months and had clear skin for over 7 months. Then I moved home for the summer and I started to get some random whiteheads here and there... One day I went to the store to stock up
  6. So I notice a lot of people are always posting questions and concerns about this antibiotic and I wanted to post my experience. I guess the best way to start is by describing the type of acne I had/get. Due to hormones caused by the lovely female body I developed cystic acne on my cheeks in a matter of days. I completely freaked out trashed my skin by being unaware of properly treating it and went through numerous birth control pills that caused me to go completely nuts. Anyways after a lovely
  7. Okay so all these post freaked me out...and I went back on it... I guess I really should talk to my doctor about an alternative before going off completely...
  8. yeah I think I am going to have to invest in a real alarm clock...and set my phone and my alarm clock.
  9. So today I had this huge project due in my writing class...And i had been working on it all weekend, and was thrilled with how things came out. BUT of course I ended up turning off my alarm in my sleep (not sure how that is possible)...but Its my phone, and I checked it like a hundred times last night to make sure it would go off, and then when I woke up with a jolt, class was over, and I was sleeping with my phone... usually i put it on my night stand. So lets just say this is a horrible day, a
  10. Okay so its been about five days since I have taken minocycline...and so far *knock on wood* still clear! I wonder how long it takes to know if this clear state will last. hmmm
  11. Well I am doing Dans Regimen, but besides that no. Perhaps I could try taking it every other day to see if that has an effect?