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  1. So the way I wear foundation is with a light layer of liquid foundation to even up my skin tone and then coverage and detailing with mineral foundation. I've been using revlon colorstay but I just ran out. I wanted something lighter since my skin's a ton better these days. So my question is this.. Have any of you guys used colorstay active? Is the longevity of it as good as colorstay with softflex in oily and combination skin for controlling oil?
  2. Having it chilled won't affect the health properties of tea nearly as much as making it wrong. Is this loose leaf tea? Otherwise, no. You're going to get very little of the antioxidants that you desire. So, step one: Get yourself some loose leaf tea. There are tea retailers (holy crap, job plug, sorry) all over the place. If there's a Teavana in your area, hit it up. I work there and I can vouch for the teas. We have a good selection of whites & flavored whites. And online is a fantastic p
  3. Dang, I just put it on there, making sure to get the edges too. Because if I don't, I'll get those annoying blemishes around the outside of my face, and those suck even more because they're harder to cover. I'm not careful around my eyebrows at all, because I actually sometimes get bumps under the hair. Or my hairline. I do not feel that BP has bleached my hair at all. ;]
  4. I'm with everyone else. Just tell him, he should understand. With me, my boyfriend KNOWS that my face is a no touching zone with or without make up. I do rest it on his chest when we sleep, though. But I've had acne since before I can remember, so my face has been a no-touch zone since before I can remember. I think even if I was 100% clear, I'd still just not like my face touched at this point. It's just something I'm used to by now, so it'd be weird to touch my face.
  5. Probably just make up. Contouring and all that. Can make things smaller/bigger.
  6. It must be such an amazing feeling after 35 years. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!
  7. I read someone's post somewhere around the boards and she'd mentioned Everyday Minerals make up. I'd heard of it before but never considered it. I've been looking for a good foundation with good coverage and one that doesn't give you that "tired" look at the end of the day. Currently, I use MAC Studio Fix (shade N3) which is fine. But, like most everybody else, I'm on that (endless) quest for the perfect foundation for me. I've used BE, which is pretty much the devil and has a tendency to give
  8. I'd go with a shade slightly lighter. If it's not the exact right color, a lighter face than your body is not quite as noticeable than a darker face than the rest of your body. Problem is, though, that I'm too damn pale so everything seems to dark these days. ;/ Good thing it's summer, maybe my complexion will match some kind of foundation now.
  9. ^Yeah, that. But, uh, you have a very nice left side of your face there, mister. ....
  10. Word. Things that have worked for other people turned out disasterous on my face.
  11. That is awesome to hear kookla. True gentleman indeed. :D Acne has turned my whole world upside down. Even if the girl I like doesn't care about my face, I still feel like this pathetic piece of poop when i'm around her. How can I commit to a girl when i'm not even sure of myself. I've had acne since 4th grade. It's mild, with a few flare ups, but since I've known it longer than I've known real relationships, I've had no choice but to incorporate it into the mix. I honestly think th
  12. Oh, definitely use whatever works best for you. A few months ago, this lady came to do a semenar in my old school and all she would talk about was how evil petrolatum is and how much more drying than moisturizing it is, so I'm totally brainwashed. I threw everything with petrolatum away. I've never been on 'tane, so Burt's Bees and Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment (when I'm out of Burt's Bees) works for me. Good luck!
  13. Do you reapply it a lot? Petrolatum, supposedly, dries out your skin more than it actually moisturizes. When it's on your lips, there's moisture, but when you don't have it on such as in between applications, your lips are dehydrated and crave more of it.