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  1. heyy Lexia I also havve tha same problem and want to treat my my pigmentation red mark thingys man are they pissing me off yerr i was on roaccutane for 3-4 monthz then got taken off it coz of depression and im not seeing my derm 4 a whiile either I also want a spot treatment I heard 100% aloe vera gell is supposed to be good havnt tried it myself yett .. any suggestions any one ?? ` ªмуу ьαььίί_.˚
  2. Hey guyz i didnt know where else to post this .. is it safe to have LASEK done while ur on Roaccutane?? I'm plannin to do my eyes and wanna know if being on accutane (4th month) will effect the LASEK .. PS: its INTRA-LASEK for my eyes ;P
  3. Hi everyone, I just came bak from my derm n he gave me some new products and i just want to check with y'all if it really works and wat exactly do they do!!! okaaaayy..first of all, I'm in my 3rd month of Accutane .. here goes.... he gave me two products (AHA-CONCEPT AHA CREME 5% pH 3.5) & (Remederm Face Cream) They're both 'Louis Widmer' .. and wat i have to do is mix both creams on my hand and apply them on my red spots, scars, etc .. before i go to bed .. If youve heard of these
  4. heyyyyy gurrl!! omg ur so funny!!!Luv Ur Log! ... anywhooo .. I'm like a senior resident of BREAKOUT LAND!! since i got tane my skin seems to get worse ;'( *tear* .. but I believe in tane!! I HAVE TO!! its like my last thing!! its either this or nothing! ..!! .. ... @[email protected] n VASELINE is amazing!! i have like 100 mini-vaseline's EVERYWHERE @ home .. in my car .. in my "MAN BAG" LOL .. but i never took any supplements .. do they help ? i mean did it help you with ur skin?? Ive also heard that mak
  5. GoOD LUK jelly baby .. I'm on my 5th week and its horrible but if it did wonders to ur bro then i hope it will do the same 2 me
  6. Hiya Freedom2006! I'm on my 5th/6th week too! .. Like you, i cant wait to reach half way through the treatment!! This is my first time on tane so it was a pretty scary ride lol .. I got like amazing skin on the 2nd week but it went downhill pretty fast after tht .. now its just a mess.. My skin looks worse than pre-tane! Anyways, good luck with ur tane treatment .. !!
  7. Yup.. i can't wear contacts anymore due to the over dryness of my eyes! i use refresh eye drops and they're okay but it doesnt do that much that i wud be able to wear my contacts..
  8. :o ... does it ever get better? does roaccutane really work! please give me HOPE !!! .... Dolph, pretty cool hair color! is that natural or u dyed it ? @@ sorry 4 bein too nosy hehe
  9. im exposed to the sun for a maximum of 30 min per day and sometimes even less.. so i guess its not that bad if i dont apply sunscreen thanks guys 4 the help!
  10. well.. dont let it get to you that often ;/ .. try not to lose urself in ur acne. when i first got my acne, i suddnely became a different person! i stopped goin out that much and just tride to hide whenever i could... like my only concern was to hide my acne from ppl .. thank god i got over that phase and simply said F*** it !! i dont care! and im gonna live my life to the fullest! hehe sorry 4 the Oprah-esque feelin of my msg but i really regret being that emotional over my acne.
  11. Hiiiiiiiii Y'all .. Do I have to wear sunscreen or a moisturizer? you see, i have extremley acne prone skin and extremley oily. Whenever i put on any type of sunscreen or moistruizer my face gets double the acne!! thats why i stopped putting anything on my face.. I'm on roaccutane right now .. 2nd month .. still pretty horrible.. Thanks !!
  12. I used to have acne on my back and was extremley insecure with it, but it was just a phase and you move on. While I had bacne i had a boyfriend and it didnt seem to bother him. My point is no matter what you've got your personality will shine thru all that. Now that it's gone, i think i had over reacted and was too insecure.. i wish i was myself and didn't focus my attention on that particular thing.. so just be yourself and let your personality shine thru!!
  13. Name of acne product used: PROACTIVE Manufacturer: proactive? Active ingredient: not sure Your acne severity: moderate How did the product work for you: (it didnt!!) CLEARED ME! [ ] Did absolutely nothing [ ] Very little improvement [ ] Worsened my acne [ X ] Other (state) : ---- i had very oily skin, it didnt help at all .. it made my face look like a burnt toast literally... lol im on accutane.. hopin 4 the best
  14. yah .. i got that too. i got like no breakouts for 2 weeks during my 2nd month of accutane and got really excited. but the excitment didnt last .. and got like 3 HUGE cyst or watever they're called on both sides of my cheeks and got like a new one every couple of days .. its CRAZY, i have no idea when will it stop and start to clear up! so basically yah , ur definitley not alone!!