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  1. lol i duno i didnt even choose it to be under tht
  2. its been a while since i last came here coz ive atctually kinda moved on from my self conscious over skin thing. After taking accutane my skin improved a lot. It didnt improve the red marks but they have faded and can easily dissapear under foundation. I finished accutane last august, since then ive only started getting spots on m cheeks but near my ears. its not severe so my gp persdcrible me some antibiotics and a cream they are under control. i now can take pictures of me outside without crin
  3. i get chapped lips. its not like the ar bad its just tht they are constant. It annoying at skl. I put vaseline, carmex, blistex relief cream basicaly watevas in my reach and like an hour later they are chapped. Sometimes they're not (thts f i leave them alone) omg ive finished my accutane!! CHAPPED LIPS NO LONGER WOOPPEE. soz keep trying all the stuff top tip when lips are dry, buffer them with a damp flanel or towel ect then apply lip balm. good lukx
  4. i have the same problem. Ivebeen on accutane which go rid of active acne its just the redness but i have noticed there ae fading. My dermotogist said that they faded ove some months. So dont worry. Your skin mkes new skin all we need to o is wit for that skin. I youyr old enough you could get a skin peel. Oherwise well just have to wait. Try and avoid make up on the areas too i think it helps. My experiment is to go without any make up on my skin for 6 weeks. Oh yer and by the way i watched a pr
  5. well i would. it would depend on their personality, alongs if i like them. But i guess me saying no, would be hypcritical, although i dont have zits just the redness, i used to hough, before taking accutane, and i know just how it affects confidence. I think that people who say no arent thinking about their personality, only their zits, who cares>? I mean think about it, who woul you choose, a nice girl with zits or a mean girl without anyway.
  6. ive got a week to finish accuatane but what youll find is: fist week normal second week start of break out can last a couple of weeks you might get pink in the face too it should start getting better but remeber eveyrones different so your could good luck
  7. Okay... Ive only got one week to finish accutane (i cnt believe how quick its gone). I dont have any spots or oily skin in fact the opposite but i do have the red marks that they have left. My dermotologist said that they fade, hopefully and fingercrossed, soon. Also it's the 6 week holiday, aaaarrrrr, no more make up woo hoo. Im basically taking it up to help the marks get better but just my luck, i go outside coz of the nice warm sun but decide to put sun cream on my face to protect it. I dont
  8. yer i kinda felt guilty after that, but who cares? he shouldnt of said that lol thts just harsh
  9. So i can't win? im waiting for summertime to come, and when it does i found myself avoiding the sun. I mean, being a girl i wear concealer to cover up my acne, but my mums always going on about wearing suncream, but if i do it all comes off! Well it's either that or i get a burnt face , and my face startes peeling, not very pleasent,lol. this sucks.
  10. So ive been suffering for acne for three years now and only this year has it got worse... i know exactly what it feels like to look into the mirror and think "why me" i even feel like blaming someone but hate it coz i know there's no one to blame. Im taking accutane, which my brother had and now doesnt have any spots, im on my 3rd month, i think and im seeing improvements. But even though in on it, it odesnt change how depressed it makes me feel. When i go in the mirror to put my make up o
  11. wow...thts one long story...im still in high skl and i got the odd comments thrown in my face once in a while but i learn to cope with it. But sumetimes i realise tht sum ppl understand how i feel , like this boy said to me "why am you taking tablets for your skin, you dont need them" i was like "thanks" but i still do. Im currently taking accutane, im coming up to my 3rd month i think, and im seeing improvements. No more spots. Yay and for the first time ive forgot what they feel like. Alotho
  12. mainly what light ill be in (i close the blind in english coz i can imagine what the light shows up) and probabally holding my hand over my eyes over my face to cover up my forehead, pathetic i know...