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  1. Long story short: Been battling severe to mild and cystic acne for ages. Even tried accutane, which improved things but then it returned (a little less severe). Anyway, recently we adopted a dog that was a rescue and it turned out she had Scabies, which I got from her. The doctor, as usual had no clue and said it was flea bites and wanted to prescribe antibiotics. I scrapped that and did some research. It was spreading, intensely itchy at night, in areas where scabies attack. Anyway, I found El
  2. We are meant to be out in the sun at least some of the day... don't over avoid it, we need it. Living is bad for your health too, every day you live takes a day away from your lifetime, should we maybe not live?
  3. There is no God. And even if there was, it definitely wouldn't be one described in any useless book. Now lets pause for a moment and think.. if there was a God, and you didn't know (cause he sure didn't make it obvious enough since we all can't decide)... would he really punish you if all you did was good, just cause you didn't sing prayers to him? If your answer is "he'd send me to hell", then your God is nothing but evil. You do not need a God to do good. Do good without a God, withou
  4. Something very similar just happened to me too. She was my best friend too... and we finally got close and it was the best time of my life and yes I want(ed) to marry this girl too. She didn't get back together with her ex per se, but similarly, she has trouble trusting or being in a serious relationship and pulled back and now she's just pushing me away. There's a *lot* more to the story, of course. Indeed, love sucks and I never want to love again either Women can be very odd and m
  5. 1) Did you guys take a lot of anti biotics prior to getting Acne? No. 2) Did you guys ever get Chicken Pox etc? Yes. 3) Did you guys have Braces? No. 4) What age did you get acne? 17?
  6. I'd take accutane instead? Isn't taking that much VitA dangerous?
  7. It is easier to get a sinus infection on accutane cause of the dryness and reduced immune system functionality. I had a sinus infection + extremely sore throad when i first started on it, for the first time in my life, never had it before. It was pretty bad / painful, but it went away (I stopped taking accutane for a week or so to help it go away faster)... since then i have been back on it and no problems (except for the dry lips/skin).
  8. indeed, milk is only for babies and only mother's milk. Cow milk for adult human beings is BAD.
  9. I think losing 100-200 hairs a day is normal, its a matter of whether you notice or not... however if you notice 100 or 200, you probably are losing more? I'm not sure, but just because you have some hairs falling out does not mean its a problem.
  10. You're probably in the shower longer, plus all that steam is drying.