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  1. A good moisturizer, not too thick in texture.

    I use this in the morning after cleansing with Cetaphil gentle cleanser. It's not a thick moisturizer, that's why I use it only in the morning. In the evening my skin needs something heavier, especially in winter time. But this product is realible and I will keep using it. It works in combination with a lot of different cleansers in my experience.
  2. Works for my dry skin

    This product works for me, I tend to have very dry skin and during the winter I need a really thick moisturizer. I use this in the evening and in the morning I actually use Eucerin Dermo Purifyer instead, because the Cetaphil one feels a bit too thick to wear during daytime. But it's a simple product that does what it says it does.
  3. A simple, trustworthy, gentle cleanser to a good price!

    I've used Cetaphil gentle cleanser for about 3 months and before I used really expensive medical cleansing products that I bought from a skin therapist. This is sooo much cheaper and to be honest better too. I like the texture, it feels good on my skin and leaves the skin very neutral. Doesn't make it dry, stiff or oily. This product (in combination with Epiduo) made my skin so much better. It is gentle and simple, and I think that's the best recipe for better skincare. I will keep using this.
  4. Not perfect, but the best product I've tried!

    I'm 21 and female, I got my acne out of nowhere at age 18. I went to a skin therapist and did some extremely expensive acid treatments. That helped with the worst of it. But I still had my acne and redness. I tried a lot of different products but nothing worked. Then I went to a regular doctor who prescribed Epiduo (in combination with Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer) and after about 2-3 months I could see great results! Sure, I still have some red spots, scars and my skin is quite red - but I