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  1. Rush25...you speak so much sense. If Dolph only did it for a few months, then who's to say that he's not the one who's attention seeking. And he got pleasure out of people commenting on his skinny body. I hate it when people tell me I look thin. It makes me think that they are only just saying that so i'll stop. It then makes me want to loose even more weight. God listen to me babbling on. I saw my GP on friday, he's getting me an appointment at an EatingDisorder clinic. Apparently I'm underwei
  2. Ok, so this week has been by far the worst i my life. My spots are bad, but I've been coping with them for years. My friends were right, I do have Bulimia. At first I just thought it was a faddy health craze, and all that jazz; BUT, I didn't realise how bad I had got. Making myself sick 3-5 times a day, not eating anything, being constantly aware of my weight and looks. Taking laxatives. It all added. My mate suggested I told someone, so I did, and they told someone else, who knew someone els
  3. Today I ate... Breakfast: Glass of water and tablets. Lunch: Handful of grapes Dinner: was supposed to be a cooked dinner. But as I'm a veggie I don't eat the meat so mam cooked me a Quorn Southern fried burger. I also had 1 roast potato, and a handful of carrots. But then I felt lardy so I puked it all back up. Oo and I had two more glasses of water.
  4. I brought a dior set from ebay, and the mascara was amazing. It made my lashes look really thick, but not clumpy, and very long!
  5. Omg..I've been using this for almost a week. I'm using it twice a day, in the morning and of a night. And it's worked so much. I have about 5 active spots now, and the other 5 are drying up. The only downside I find is that it gives me tight, sore, itchy and flaky skin. But I love it!
  6. I use Garnier Summer Body Lotion, its great and it's not streaky!
  7. I've been using this since wednesday, it's now Sunday. My acne had virtually disapeared, still the odd spot or two, but nothing as bad as it was. BUT. It's a big but. My back is so sore, dry, flaky and soooo itchy. I applied some Savlon and that made it not so sore and dry, but then I used H&S the next morning and it's gone back all flaky and sore and eww..! Yeah you get the picture. WHY IS IT SO SORE, TIGHT, FLAKEY, PEELING, DRY..?? xxxxx
  8. Ok, so I've been doing this for about 4 days now, and it has made an incredible difference. I do this of a night before I go to bed. 1. Hand massage 'Clean and Clear Exfoliating wash' on to your back and chest. Make sure it gets all nice and bubbly. And do beware this does hurt if your back is tender. It's always handy to get someone else to do it..*My Mam, is a god send! ) 2. Wet a flannel with warm water, and scrub back and chest. This will hurt again, but don't forget 'Pain is Gain'! Don'
  9. If this really does work, it's amazing! Does it work on your chest aswell...??
  10. I totally agree with the post about me!^^ I also find my skin looks better in the mornings. Instead of a Moisturiser, I use an Germoline. Which in antiseptic cream. That also kinda makes the redness go down slightly! Try that!
  11. One of my best mates has absolutly perfect skin. She wears a lot more make up than me, eats much more fatty foods than me, washes her face with bar soap and water, and still happens to have amazing skin! Grrrr!! Why can't I have clear skin! OMGGG...is it too much to ask!!???
  12. Unless my acne disapears, I will never say blow it! Happiness is worth more than a holiday or a car!
  13. It's really strong..and has a nasty smell to it. I didn't really see much improvment, it just mad emy skin oily!
  14. Is anyone else using this..and have you seen any difference..?? It's made my skin worse if anything!
  15. Babe, if he loves you he will see through the acne. I slept in make up once, and have regreted it for years! I will never do it again. It made me breakout everywhere! Not wise!