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  1. My bad then Kathi, didn't know you had this tested before. Sorry it wasn't the culprit, would have been easier to handle. But you know by the way accutane works, taking a small dose would require you to do a very long treatment to completely achieve durable effect. It's a weight related amount, so you'll have to endure side effect for a much longer time than other people who increase their dose progressively. What did your derm say about having clear skin during the summer and acne otherwi
  2. STOP IMMEDIATLY TAKING ACCUTANE... Before it has done too much damage to you. I suspect you're suffering from vitamin D deficiency, and I invite you to fully read this thread : http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/325195-vitamin-d-has-cured-me-of-oily-skin-and-acne/ What brings me to this is that you say you have baby skin every summer... which times right when your body got enough vitamin D to work with. Many many people got success with Vitamin D3 (the best form to take as suppl