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  1. What is DKR and AHA? I guess I could look around and find what they stand for, but maybe you can save me some time:).
  2. mug

    ACV results

    We just had some in our pantry:). But they sell it at grocery stores, I think I saw some in the salad dressing aisle? It's not hard to find.
  3. mug

    ACV results

    Thanks for the encouragement! I didn't realize how long I had been using it until I posted those last night and found that it was a week! Keep it up bambi!
  4. I'm excited. I started using ACV as a toner on Tuesday (April 17) and I see results. Lets see if I can post pictures...(this is a huge step for me, I won't even walk out of the house without at least foundation on, much less post pictures on the internet!!!) (day one pictures don't show the red marks as well, so as my before pictures I'll post day two, and just so you know, my hair was wet in those pictures, not greasy ) http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t301/mu..._2982resize.jpg http://i
  5. mug


    Thanks for your responses. I only wish I had the money to try those! I guess I should have mentioned I'm a poor college student. How long does one bottle/tube last on each of those? Just curious.
  6. I use Cetaphil (sp) occasionally, when my face gets dry from the BP. My friend pointed out yesterday that when she uses the stuff, it makes her face feel greasy. I realized that's what my problem has been (or at least I think so). Anyone know of a good, gentle lotion that can be used under foundation and won't cause greasiness?
  7. I started ACV on Tuesday. 50/50-ACV/Water on my face, straight ACV on my back. My face didn't break out, I did get some grain like pimples for about two days, but I assume that was just some junk being pulled to the surface. My complexion seems to be a lot smoother though (still red spots, but smoother)! Just a pimple here or there which is INSANELY amazing because usually around this time of month ::ahem:: I am completely broken out:). My back has cleared of major pimples, just a few littl
  8. First off, God didn't "screw" you over, He doesn't just give us acne/scarring because He thinks it's funny or to punish us. In my case, I see it as a way to keep me humble. You are handsome, don't let the red marks cause you to believe otherwise (just an honest opinion, don't take that as anything more than a compliment ).
  9. Yeah, I suppose asking guys who have the same problem doesn't give us girls a very good idea of how "all" guys feel. I thought the same way when I responded to the guys, "I have the same problem so I'm not phased by it" sort of thing. Thanks for your input!
  10. I don't use fabric softener, but that is very good to know! My boyfriend does though, when we get married I'll have to break him of the habit! Thank you for that:)
  11. I just thought I'd share this little bit of information. My friend's dermatologist told her that hair conditioner clogs the pores on your back and to make sure you wash your body AFTER washing conditioner out of your hair. I used to have hair to my waist and HAD to condition it. My friend told me what her dermatologist told her, so I tried it. My back cleared up significantly (not completely). Anyway, thought I'd share that, mostly for the girls. I guess it's a bit of common sense, bu
  12. First, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very exciting!!! And thank you, I'm encouraged. I guess you're right, my back is the last thing people will be paying attention to. I'm currently using ACV on my back along with BP at night (not during the day, I'm sorry, I can't wear white all the time j/k) and it seems the pimples have gone down, it's the red spots that concern me mostly. Anyway, again, thank you! Being on this board has really been encouraging!
  13. I noticed (and posted on) the thread asking what girls think about bacne on guys, so I thought I'd pose the same question in reverse. I have bacne and red spots. I'm working on getting rid of them (as best I can) as I am planning to get married next summer/fall. I want to be able to wear a strapless dress (as it seems that's all they sell!!!) and look good for my husband:). I finally told my boyfriend last night about my "problem" and all he reassured me that it didn't bother him. I fully
  14. Hey, I'm not sure how many responses you received from girls, but I just thought I'd share my opinion. I personally don't care . It wouldn't bother me if my boyfriend had bacne. It doesn't gross me out. Besides, and you may have heard this already, but if a girl likes you, like REALLY likes you, she won't care! Oh, and also, I was thinking. I've been reading some threads and guys talk about not being able to take off their shirt at the beach or the gym or whatnot. I've seen guys in publ
  15. By the way, I was looking at sea salts online to price it all out, but then I went to Walmart and found a pound of sea salt for only 89 cents. Thats a little over 6 dollars for seven "treatments" as opposed to the 6 or 7 dollars you would spend on a 2 pound bag.