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  1. Almost one month down, and so far so good. Went and saw my derm today, and he say's I'm right on track to where I need to be. Will be increasing my dosage from 40mg to 60mg in a few days. While I'm certainly not even close to being better, it seems like my skin has kind of settled down. While there still is the occasional zit, for the most part everything that is on my face was from the IB or before. I’m a little less nervous for the dosage increase than I was in my last entry, but that's ma
  2. In the past 4 days, my skin miraculously decided that it was done drying out and reverted back to its old, oily self. All except my lips that is. Every hour I've been needing to apply aquaphor, and it seems to be getting worse and worse. I tried using Dr. Dans Cortibalm, but it had very little effect. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? It seems that my IB may be calming down a bit (knock on wood) as I haven't gotten any new whiteheads, even after eating pizza. However, that's not to say my acne has go
  3. cliff41

    Accutane Day 12

    Thanks! I think you're making the right choice holding off for now. It's good not to instantly jump to accutane, and there are plenty of other treatments out there which work for many people which are worth trying first. I wish you luck!
  4. After weeks of obsessing over these blogs, I decided I may as well go ahead and create my own. I need somewhere to vent (even if no one see's this). Everyone I know has nice smooth skin, and simply can't understand how bad acne can mess someone up. Anyways, I'm a 17 year old male who has been trying to treat my acne since age 11. I have tried EVERYTHING, and was recommended to go on Accutane over a year ago. However, it's a scary drug that can mess you up, so only after acne truly destroyed my
  5. Had my first 40mg dose last night. I have a very similar story. I'm 17m, and was also put on minocycline, however I had a serve allergic reaction to it, and here I am now. While I'm not a swimmer, I'm a competitive runner, so I'm also concerned about how it will affect my workouts. Have you tried taking fishoil for the joint pain? Both my derm and other athletes recommended for me to take it. Good luck on your progress!
  6. I have recently purchased the routine, along with AHA+. However, I began to have second thoughts, as I have already tried benzyl peroxide products in the past (epiduo and onexton) with very limited success. After doing some research, I've instead tried using ONLY AHA+ twice a day (and cetaphil facewash) instead of using the routine. I have been doing this for about a week, and after having mild effectiveness, I have been breaking out (or maybe purging?) Should I main
  7. So I was on Epiduo for a little under 2 years. While it worked at first, eventually it became completely ineffective. Since both epiduo and the regimen utilize benzoyl peroxide, is it even worth trying?