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  1. I remember turning really red while running and for an hour later, but the next day it would always look a lot better; it was obvious the running helped. With each run, the rednesss would improve dramatically. Also, don't wash your face in the shower as the warm water will irritate it further. Good luck with it all.
  2. I've had 2 dermabrasions with Dr. Yarborough, and my redness cleared in 8-10 weeks maximum; I suspect that the running I was doing every night played an integral part in my speedy recovery. I began running 3 weeks post derm., and I was fine, but I would probably go with what is recommended.
  3. At a depth of 1mm is where sebaceous glands reside in the dermis. 1mm doesn't sound like a great deal and it isn't when you are talking about plainning a piece of timber, but, unfortunately, it is too deep for the face to heal from successfully.
  4. Kitty, You are a clever New York girl, I'm sure you know nothing is ever simply
  5. KittyKitty, I don't think you are slow. I will openly admit that I was trying to show you up a little, and I was not incorrect. I think we are all guilty of regarding looks/physicality too highly. I will explain further; you said the following to Rob:
  6. Of course, looks play a major role as the world is quite simplistic. When a girl/guy falls in love with (or thinks they have) with a person whose only REAL value is their bunny rabbit face there is nothing profound or special about it. It is merely temporary image processing which is neither here nor there. It is incumbent on people with acne, scarring or weight issues (whatever) to show that they are valuable: show people that you are more eloquent, better dressed, better in bed, or better at w
  7. ^^Those scars will not be removed by soap: are you kidding me. The problem with resurfacing your back is that there aren't as many sebaceous glands there as there are on your face, so it is a lot more risky to tamper with scars there.
  8. Billyboy, When you talk about "boxcars," I assume you are talking about rolling/wavy scars with collagen loss beneath them. The aforementioned scars responded really well with the second dermabrasion; when I mentioned 50% recently I was being very conservative. Dermabrasion admonishes boxscars: you can feel it when the brush is rotating on your face. I have made 3 trips to N.O. and I had to cross the Pacific to get there; if it wasn't for the huge expense I would be back there in 6 months in a
  9. Billyboy, I had floats (approx. 20) performed by Dr. Yarborough and Cassandra last year at this time and there were probably 1-2 that did not respond in a super way. I agree it is a simple procedure and I am at a loss as to why it is not offered by other doctors. If your floats did not respond that well, and please don't take this as being smart: but, it was probably just the roll of the dice and not a shortfalling on Dr. Yarborough's part. He is still very much on top of things and I found him
  10. Hi, You are not put completely under: you are still conscious. I stayed in Baton Rogue for 2 weeks because I wanted the redness to subside somewhat before I boarded the plane. I am 1 month post surgery and 80-90% of my redness is gone. I drink a lot of water, run and take my vitamins (also minimal alcohol consumption). Dr. Yarborough and his new nurse are phenomenol.
  11. Thanks John: that is nice of you to say.
  12. Hi Guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that I just had my second dermabrasion, and it has been a resounding success. With this latest dermabrasion I seem to be healing even quicker than my first. Dr. Yarborough was very impressed with how well I am healing. I would say that I have received 50% improvement overall, and I am very happy with this modality of scar improvement.
  13. Sit in a dark room: no light whatsoever. Get a light to shine light straight up to the ceiling at a 90 degree angle. Sit under the light, so that the light is shining straight up past your face. This method will capture the smallest imperfection, so have a beer prior.