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  1. Hello! I am the creator of this thread, and I cannot believe that it's still going! This thread used to be such a comfort to me, and I hope that it's been a comfort to you, too. I am here to post one last time. Here is my update: My hair stopped shedding after 6 to 8 months. 70% of the hair that I lost came back after about 2 years. So at least for me, I didn't get all my hair back, but I did get most of it back. It's amazing to think that this happened to me almost 7 years a
  2. Hi Andy, did your dermatologist specifically mentioned what exactly happens with the hair when its loss is triggered by excess vitamin A? I wanna find out more to reverse this.

  3. Update: Hey guys, Well, my hair started to come back. And then I started shedding again. I'm convinced this is because I started Rogaine again. This time, I'm on Rogaine to stay. Shedding should stop next month. I will give another update then. Feel free to PM me about anything, etc.
  4. Maybe the posts will come back in 6 months? But not before we shed some other posts. Ha!
  5. Nah, I think it was a copyright worry. I quoted Radiohead lyrics. Who knows.
  6. Hey, yeah, what happened to my Weird Fishes post? Weird. Fishes.
  7. I remember how worried I was at two months into the problem that it would be permanent. I'm still worried. But it's HELL at the beginning. I took two 40mg pills a day for 5.5 months! Ahhh! I was 160lbs.
  8. It's my personal opinion that detoxification won't work, because the Accutane is out of your system at the latest a month after you take your last pill. Also, hair grows in inflexible cycles, so nothing can necessarily speed that up. I think it's best to assess the situation at intervals of 100 days. Here's what happened to me, for example: 100 days: Stopped shedding. 200 days: Noticed regrowth. Started shedding again. 300 days: Shedding stopped again. Noticed my hair felt 70% thicker. We
  9. The same thing happens to me. lol How many months off tane passed ? Im 7 months off but my hair condition is still a mess. Also when i wake up my hair looks very weak and thing and after a few hours becomes stronger; I will try getting some emu oil and jojoba and some others , mix them and put it on my hair ; Lets see how it goes. I, too, have the experience of my hair becoming stronger over the day. I think it's the hourly build-up of sebum which makes that happen.
  10. I totally told Ithappens about the AA theory, but he's, frankly and with all due respect to him, hung up on "adrenal failure". By the way, the way the wound stuff works is that cells release cytokines to make everything in the wounded area grow. When this all began, I actually considered making little nicks on my scalp to encourage the hair to grow. But that'd be weird, now wouldn't it? Happy New Year, guys!
  11. Hi Mikey, I talk to Ithappens every once in a while on AOL IM. Last time I talked to him, there was no improvement, but that was about a month ago. And I feel the spikey hair. You mean on the surface of the rest of your hair or on your scalp? Exactly! Like 2 hair cuts! Agreed. The first 3 to 5 months are the worst, psychologically. Hang in there. Get to month 6 or 7. You at least start to feel better, for some reason.
  12. Yvette, I see in your other posts that you said you had mouth sores due to Accutane. Have you read the previous posts on this thread about mouth sores and hair loss?
  13. I'm not sure the Rogaine has helped, but it can't hurt. It has a theoretical benefit. And if you think you're going to start using it eventually, might as well start now. Rogaine might cause you to shed a little more, by the way. But that shedding is immediately replaced by new hair.
  14. I think - and this also fits into the diffuse AA theory - that shedding will go on for a while as regrowth happens. You have to regrow each hair twice before the regrowth is permanent, in my opinion. This was confirmed by the nurse who went through Accutane hair loss. First comes the baby/intermediate hair, then the normal hair comes. Each of my hairs is all of a sudden super-thick in diameter. But all my regrowth is crappy. And I think I've started shedding again, though not that much. B