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  1. Hi...I went to LDI. I made a post awhile ago about them. I love them. I love the Doc he is so cool. They were not cheap. But you know how it goes. You gotta pay for what you get. That's why I love my mom sooooo much. She is the coolest. Anyway I had like bad acne and rosacea. It was soooo bad that I didn't want to go anywhere. We went to all the other places and they didn't know what to do. They were afraid to touch my face. LDI wasn't afraid of me. yeah! and they wanted to start right away. S
  2. Rudolph, I have seen so many guys wear make-up. OMG...it's cool...but yeah...get the right color. That's important. Take care.
  3. Hey...I was told that rosacea can come from too much sun and happen when you're older. My redness was on my nose and the side of my face. It looked kinda spotty on my face. is yours like spotty and doesn't go away? :think:
  4. Hey there stranger. LOL. Sorry kinda new in this place. My mom paid like a payment plan for my treatments. It's not cheap, but they said to pay $300 per month with no interest. Hopes this helps.
  5. Hmmm....sounds like you guys are pissed. I'm going there now. They're a bit busy, but they're nice to me. I had bad acne and red patchy skin. I've done like 6 treatments and it's been working. The doc is so serious so I try to make him laugh. He's cool and sees alot of peeps. Does anybody else have red face and acne? I want to know if I will not have it anymore even way after my treatments. Right now, it's cool. I likes.
  6. Why don't you try laser? I got 6 treatments done and it works for me. No psych stuff either. They did like treatments with different lasers and it helps get the red out and with the acne. :dance: I tried so many derms too. They had no idea what they're doing. Twittle