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  1. Amanda Marie


    Just me. Maybe a few pics of my face idk
  2. Hey beautiful friend, hows life been for ya? Have a stellar week:)

  3. DONT eat bread 2x a day, eat bread 2x a WEEK! Give up rice, too much protein causes acne, so cut that down big time! I dont know about green tea, but i stay away from tea full stop, and i dont take any vitamins or oils, i havent ever taken them, so i dont know if they do good or harm, but i dont take them. Do them minor adjustments you should be okay,. What topials do you use?
  4. good luck sweetie! Try and keep your head up. You are beautiful no matter what. I know its hard to not feel it, but remember you are.
  5. Okay, so we all know that tanning can improve your complexion for at least a little bit. But I've noticed that after I've gone tanning for about a week, once I stop my skin get's really bad a breaks out like crazy. Is this a result of tanning?
  6. Hey! you are getting all the attention!! You are stealing my customers!! >_<

  7. Yumm! Thanks for the comment! ya looking amazing in that pic!

  8. i like all the well aren't you hot comments on acne.org lol, i guess a cute girl is never safe from horny boys

  9. I've been using tazorac for about 1 month now and I haven't had a break out yet. The dry skin is a downside but I would rather have less pimples and dryer skin
  10. well arent you attractive?

  11. I was using Smashbox Cooling tinted moisturizer and it worked really well for my skin. It didn't make me break out and covered really nicely. I would give it a shot.