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  1. Update - Im still taking OTC+Spiro 75. still going great... I am really happy and I wish all the luck in the world to you guys. B/c the cure is out there, although it might not be perfect (a magical pill you only take once), but its out there. So hang on and keep hope alive... I don't know, @inkydink81 whether you should have the K level tested if you are on a low dose, I would consult the doc. Best of luck.
  2. total ablation sounds like its gon work..Good luck Cotton. I was interested in CO2 as well, but since i have olive skin tone and very prone to scarring, i was afraid that it was going cause more scars on me. Let me know how your results are. Hopefully we'll all find something that work for us. Best of luck.
  3. Hello all, here to update again. Thank you Steve for your good wishes. I postponed my 2nd treatment b/c i went away for vacation for a week. I did the 2nd treatment last week. I asked about the depth of penetration into the skin, and they told me for Matrix RF it's 2400 (whatever the unit for this is. I forgot..lol), and for fraxel, its 1500. So it reaches deeper than fraxel. 2nd treatment - started from the most aggressive level, the rest was pretty much the same as the 1st treatment. Not t
  4. I am sorry I have no idea about treatment levels or depth of penetration. But i could ask them about this the next time.
  5. thanks for all the good wishes guys. I am healing well, i think. almost all scabs have fallen off. I think the reason they've asked me to use the hydroquinone serum is that though this procedure isn't supposed to give you hyperpigmentation, as advertised i should say, it still burns the skin and leaves people with scabs. They told me to use this to condition my skin and to prevent hyperpigmentation. I guess better safe than sorry, even it means another hundred dollars. vivienckw, I'm sorry to h
  6. Here's the website of the place I went to http://www.emergemedispa.com/ And for post treatment care, they gave me a guideline for post fraxel b/c they said it's the same. No aquaphor needed. you can use a gentle cleanser, so shower is okay. Just gentle moisturizers and sunblock (zinc based). No exfoliating or harsh stuff for at least a week. and regular skin care regime after a week. After two weeks, i should start using hydroquinone again to prepare for the 2nd treatment. And I am taking
  7. Hello all, went through my first treatment. Here to share with you. The whole thing took about 90 minutes First, numbing cream for 30 minutes. (sticky, but really works, my lips were put to sleep, and no, they didn't apply directly on my lips.) I'm not going to explain the science behind this procedure, you guys can read it off the internet. Basically, the thingy they used is like a stamp with a 64-dot grid on it. There are three intensity groups, A,B, and C, C being the highest. And each gro
  8. Thanks for all the concern. you guys need not worry. I am not really a lab rat, i was just kidding. They had the machine for a while and have patients done that. They told me it should be more effective than fraxel, and it is quite safe. The place is quite nice, quiet, not in a mall. I know, i cannot stand the idea of doing this in a mall, and having to walk out all the way to the parking lot through the crowd without makeup on.haha
  9. Haha, i have friends who do that. They'll look at you with that weird look and say "oh look, darn, i have a new zit." while thinking "on my perfectly smooth face." I guess sometimes your best friends and even families would intentionally push your buttons, maybe they need to push someone down in order to feel better about themselves. But that doesn't mean they are not good friends. They'd still help me when I need them. I guess it's just human nature. everyone has their insecure side. They
  10. Yeah, I am Asian and have olive skin tone. They told me the down time is gonna be 24 hours tops, with a sunburn kind of feeling. But should subside soon. And there's gonna be tiny dots on the skin right after, which should fade away within one week. and they told me it could be covered by makeup. Now, i'm having my fingers crossed and must patiently wait. haha.
  11. haha, now i wish i was actually a lab rat. I meant since nobody else on this board had pursued this, I might be the first, and am very anxious about this, yet full of hope. haha. I'll keep you guys updated.
  12. Hey guys. I am going to be a lab rat here and get myself the Sublative Rejuvenation treatment. You can find out more here. http://www.matrixskin.com/ I'll do 3 treatment (whole face) with a complimentary re-firm treatment. for $2500. Quite pricey. But I've heard that it works better than Fraxel. Thank god they have financing options. I'll give you updates once I have them. The first treatment is gonna be in late November, and I gotta prepare my skin with hydroquinone serum. (another 100 b
  13. Thanks, I'll start calling. I just want to find one that has a good reputation. caz subcision gone bad can cause more scarring.
  14. I have researched the web and found nobody that's doing subcision. Anybody done this in Nor Cal? Please let me know..thank you .
  15. I am using Max Factor 2000 Calories (do not get the waterproof one or the curly brush one). It is simply the best. check out its reviews then you'll know. It's around 4 or 5 bucks. no clump, no smudge, simply longer and thicker lashes.