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  1. I was just wondering what it is like once you were off the accutane before started breaking out again. I had to cancel my accutane treatment because I had to leave the country for 2 months ( no blood work or prescriptions filled). Suprisingly my skin has cleared within a 1.5 months while I was on Accutane. For about a month with taking nothing, my skin has been clear and normal (not oily). It has been about 2 months since last pill I took, and my skin is very oily. it is starting to break out an
  2. Hey nomattic!!! I was just browsing through blogs, and found your pretty interesting. Everyone has bad days, but those bad days actually start to get better. I had my skin absolutely cleared up when I first started minocycline, and if I would get one tiny pimple I would freak out - that was a bad day for me. Funny how my body became immune to the antibiotic and I covered up in pimples in no time. My bad days are so different now! >.< Oh I found neosporin in creme form in...( surprise) Wa
  3. I heard vitamin C helps to heal faster Try it for at least a week, if no results, then don't bother. There are a few topical cremes you can find in like ULTA store. Yeah, just few suggestions, I use Biore(smell like green tea ^.^) which also moisturizes. It helps me! Good luck on your journey, we will all clear up one day
  4. Hey Simo! I am just saying hey and see how you are doing. I am a bit behind you, and you checked my blog out. Hopefully you are doing good and you should post new pictures! Is your skin still oily and peeling? Or it dried out ? Good Luck!
  5. Hey I am in the same boat as you!! I started accutane 5 days ago, and I am starting to break out! It seems that every deep pimple comes out to a surface, but I think it will just getting it all out at once, so we can have a clear skin in the future! Good luck!