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  1. I do all expect one the only one I do NOT do is the hair covering I use to do it too but I try not to as I fear it may irritate my acne
  2. thank you for your support I do do what you say I am on medication plus I do lifestyle stuff for my acne it works a little I do not think I will have clear skin at my wedding my skin has not been clear since I was 10 years old I saw your post earlier about accepting your acne and I want to do the same I need to accept it for my sanity I am but thank you anyway for your support I know she was not being mean but it so mortifying plus I know for a fact she never has acne my
  3. today was ruined because my skin is breaking out I hate meeting new people I had to new my fiance's parents and pus was not the first impression I wanted to make worst of all his mother gave me acne tips in front of his family nobody needs to give me tips I am doing the best I can so when I got home I bawled my eyes out the wedding is in a few weeks and I do not know if I can stand in front of a crowd of people with my skin make up can not cover it and wearing make up will cause me to br
  4. this is what helps me and I do not know if another will have the same effect and I am not a doctor nor any other kind of professional in this area my acne: - 23 year old female - acne since age 10 - cystic acne - painful - a lot of pus - oily skin - all over face plus other places what works for me: - deoxycycline. - low calories - low on high glycemic carbohydrates - a lot of water - garlic - onion - not popping zits effect: - less breakouts - less severe of the b