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  1. I've been reading the post and freaked out when I read the side effects people are getting from the new batch 9007 exp. 1/11 since I bought a few this past weekend, but Dan resolved it!! Dan, you're amazing!! I'm glad someone deeply cares about their customers.
  2. The ingredients had been changed for the past 1.5-2 years even before Dan introduced the new bottles.
  3. If you want to get rid of flakes another good way is after you wash your face use a paper like toilet paper, wet it, and gently massage the flakes off. After washing your face you can see it. Once your face is dry you may see more flakes pop up and that's where I would use a tweezer and just tweeze off any big flakes. It works wonders for me. All I'm left is my face being a little dry but nothing a moisturizer can't fix! Hope this helps.
  4. Hmm..maybe your skin doesn't like the gel BP. Your skin was fine before you started to use it so maybe the gel BP is the culprit. Maybe there is an ingredient in the gel that your skin doesn't like.Let your skin heal and then go back to using NOTS.
  5. Use facial tissue. The ones that come in packets. It'll absorb excess oil. I can't live w/o them!
  6. Ok, you're washing your face way too much. Are you using dan's gel? I think it may be the proactive cleanser. You should only be washing your face morning and night. It should take no longer then a minute to cleanse and then wash it off with water. I suggest to stop using the products because they're too harsh on your skin which is why your face is red and dry. Just cleanse and moisturize for now until your face is normal again which I think will take about a few days to a week then start doing
  7. I used Dan's moisturizer before and it broke me out. Sadly, my skin just doesn't like it so I suggest to go back to your old moisturizer and see how that goes. Just reading about a big bottle of jojoba oil on sale sends shivers down my spine..LoL.
  8. My hair is blackish brown, but no it doesn't bleach my hair. I had it on my eyebrows too and they're still black.
  9. Hey your acne is not that bad, but I can understand how you feel. One zit for me can ruin my mood.I say keep going at it for another month or 2. If it doesn't work then stop using it. It could be the moisturizer causing you to break out? You can try Lac Hydrin 5. That gets rid of flakes in a flash. Plus it's less greasy. You can give that a try. Hopefully your skin is ok with 5% lactic acid.
  10. Yeah I don't like the BP pump. I much prefer the tube. If you're traveling it's gonna be tough trying to prevent leakage and I like to have control on how the amount of BP. The tube is more sanitary too. I see more negatives than positives going from a tube to a pump.
  11. BP never bleached my eyebrows and mine are black. I guess it depends on the person.
  12. I thought Dan said your skin doesn't adjust to Bp and it would always work? I didn't think your skin can adjust to the BP. What good 5% Bp cream are out there? Seems like I always find a bad ingredient in drugstores.
  13. I think people will experience a pimple here and there sometimes. It's normal. Not everyone stays clear all the time. I've been on the regimen for years now and I still get a pimple here and there sometimes. I tend to get one or two every 2-3 months. I think it's from what I eat. I have to be careful on my sugar in take.
  14. Use it for a few weeks and see how it goes. One day isn't going to cut it...hehe.
  15. Lac-Hydrin 5 is not cheap..it's like $13 here but it lasts a LONG time. I'm talking like many months. It doesn't have sunscreen.