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  1. Thanks so much, none of my friends or family have any real skin problems so I feel like I don't know anyone personally I can talk to who would understand... So thank you for your words of kindness. It really makes a difference to get some positive feedback :)
  2. Sorry, just realized those images didnt work, if you copy and paste the url, you can see them
  3. Could really use some help... been feeling so incredibly depressed about my acne lately, its just really getting me down and making me feel ugly. I know we all go through this at some point or another, but no one I know personally understand at all. Attached are some pictures of my skin right now...about half of those red marks are flat and half are active blemishes, and you can't see it but my cheeks are also full of what I think are clogged pores. I'm just so frustrated and I'm not sure wh
  4. for the past week my nose has been REALLY REALLY shiny... but not oily at all. in fact, it feels a little dry. This shiny-ness is persistent and cannot be hidden under makeup. has anyone had this problem? i don't know what to do
  5. personally i didnt like EM. i ordered some samples from them and from signature minerals. and signature minerals was def better in my opinion. I think it covers better and looks much more natural. plus im on accutane and EM seemed to make my skin look even more dry....signature minerals did not. also signature minerals seriously just like....never comes off until you wash it off. last night i was snuggled up with my boyfriend with my cheek pressed into his shirt in a hot room. I was like
  6. i've been on accutane for about three weeks....my skin is already sort of clearing up, though i've still got some way to go. My skin was never extremely oily though so i'm def already experiencing dryness. It looks like I ALWAYS need to exfoliate....like every other day. So far I haven't used any real scrubs because my derm told me it would irritate my skin so i've just been using baking soda very gently. my skin looks scaly and peely under my mineral makeup (which i happily discovered doesn'
  7. Thanks! i thought it might be a little early to experience many side effects. My dose is 30 mg and i am about 110 lbs.
  8. im bruising very easily. could this be because of accutane? no idea if this is related. also, im only into like my 5th day of accutane and i'm already pretty dry...is this just going to get worse later? or will it continue to be like this level of dryness?
  9. about three weeks ago i had a really good facial that seriously cleared me up a lot...however this cleared up my active acne and not the stuff coming in so of course i have broken out again. Now i've started accutane a few days ago and I could get a facial again this sunday. i know this facial would clear my current breakout and i kind of really want to do it. but my derm says he thinks i should def NOT do it....he thinks it will just iritate my skin because of the accutane. but i know the fac
  10. i posted on here yesterday but i feel so much worse today.... i know im probably just being sorry for myslef. i cant get my make up right so i keep crying...i really dont want to go to school but i know my grades will suffer...im just so embarressed right now. i feel horrible and i have a date with my boyfriend tonight...how can i let him see me like this?
  11. thanks....when did you begin to see results? i know its different for everyone but just out of curiosity. I just picked up my prescription and i'm on 30 mg