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  1. Go for Manchester, fantastic student nightlife to boot!
  2. I've been taking 2g of B5 a day for 2 months with no real reduction tbh :\
  3. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/peppermin...se-t179657.html Found this in the research section, seems to be effective so am going to give it a shot sometime next week and report back. Feel free to join me haha
  4. They are surprisingly hygeinic in bathrooms, use brown paper towels, they show how much oil they take off aswell.
  5. I used Ketsugo products (Spray and face wash) and had no success I'm afraid!
  6. Has your flushing decreased yet oil king and how as the texture improved this your last post?
  7. No way, too strong to be used on the face. If you read the label, it profoundly says not to use near eyes/face. Plus aluminium chloride (active ingredient in anti-perspirants) is probably comedogenic.
  8. The only thing that OCM did for me was that it helped blackheads come out while massaging.
  9. Sounds very much like seborrhoeic dermatitis, use an anti fungal cream like Nizoral and/or zinc based shampoo/bar like ZNP and Head & Shoulders.