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  1. Honestly if you're so bothered by your pictures, then mix them up a bit. Post the pretty ones, but also post those that reflect your true appearance a little more accurately, if it makes you feel better.
  2. I've been there - the social withdrawal and all - just not to your extent, so I won't be presumptuous enough to think I know exactly what you're going through now. For myself, I became a recluse in university. Grades dropped so badly I couldn't face any of my friends so I just stopped contacting them. Had a huge self-esteem issue because I was convinced I was ugly. So for almost 2 years, all I did back then was hole myself up at home with just my computer for company. How I got myself out of
  3. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to move on. I don't know the true story of your breakup - not saying you're lying but this is your side of the whole issue - but looking at what you've described, I think it's time for both of you to let go. Take this as a hard lesson learnt and see where you have gone wrong. I'm not implying it's your fault she cheated, but if you realise where you could have done better in that failed relationship, you'll learn how to treat your NEXT partner bet
  4. Hair paste, wax, spray. I'm not sure what brands are in now - Gatsby maybe? Also, a flat iron to get that straight, wispy look. Or a good hair-blower. And practice - tons of it. But to be honest, the best asset you can get is a damn good hairstylist - preferably one who's actually well-versed in styling Asian hairstyles. Seriously. I'm not an Asian guy (a girl, actually, lol), but looking at my friends and also Asian celebs, it's their stylists who're the geniuses. Get a picture of the hairst
  5. I've not had those terrible stories that some of you guys shared. Just the usual "Have you heard about this treatment..." type of comments from well-meaning but insensitive relatives and family members. Then there are also comments from my younger cousins or kids who don't know any better. These really sting, but I can't hold it against them, except I wish their PARENTS would do something about their rudeness. The only comments I don't tolerate are suggestions from persistent service staff at t
  6. Go with your friends and have fun. And if you've decided not to go, do something fun that night anyway! Don't let that prom date ruin your own enjoyment.
  7. I hope they give you a solid reason why they won't renew your contract. At any rate, good luck with your next job. I'm sure things will start looking up for you!
  8. The only people I talk to about acne are my mom and my derm. That's it. Even if I meet a fellow sufferer, I refuse to talk about it. I'm just not comfortable with it. I've had acne for over 10 years; it's become a very personal, very private issue with me.
  9. I know where you're coming from. I swear I'm the only one in my office who still struggles with this. I'm like 24 going on 25 already. Frustrates the heck outta me.
  10. 11 May 2007 It's going to be the time of the month for me - very soon. About a week away or so. Nervous. As. Hell. My acne's VERY biologically-related, and I ALWAYS get acne breakouts before and during my period. Already, I'm starting to get that 'feeling' in my skin - the one where you feel like your skin's very sensitive and anything will just trigger off a breakout. Eeep!
  11. Could you tell me if your dad and mom had acne when they were your age? My parents had only normal acne - meaning the odd pimple or 2 during puberty. Sad, really, that I ended up having this acne PROBLEM. How old are you right now, how severe is your acne, and how long have you had it? I'm almost 25 now. My acne is now at the moderate range, but there're still a lot of red marks left on my face from past acne. I've had acne since I was 13 - which makes it 12 years of suffering. What about a
  12. The salon is the only answer, I'm afraid. Perhaps the hairdresser can still get you the colour you want - but if the damage is too much, at least you can get some treatment for it. I think the next time round, just go to the salon. I think simple hair-dyeing can be done by yourself, but if it involves something trickier like bleaching, a hairdresser should do the job. Costs more, but at least, he/she's trained for it.
  13. I've never tried - too scared to, LOL. I don't have the nimblest fingers around! Do let us know how the AN lashes are! I'm really curious. ^^