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  1. Wynne

    The Z I I T Method

    And here's the original idea:
  2. Wynne


    By the way, one topic is more than enough. Your multiple topics have been merged into one.
  3. Wynne

    Smoking Marijuana + Acne

    I do feel free to close it. DO read the board rules.
  4. Wynne


    It does sound like eczema. But to answer your question, yes, many GPs are set in their ways. Just have to handle them appropriately. Sometimes just have to grin and bear it. Sometimes flatter them. Sometimes be firm. Depends on your particular GP's personality. Good luck.
  5. The article answers that question. Read it.
  6. Wynne

    Japan, A Nation With Little Acne?

    ezinearticles are written by people off the street. No knowledge, no research, no studies. This topic is closed.
  7. This isn't a topic for Announcements and Feedback. Please read the headers on each forum before posting. Repost if you wish in another forum. Announcements and Feedback is for "Technical issues on the boards. To have an acne related question answered, make sure to post in one of the other forums below." Thank you.
  8. Wynne

    Bactrim Making Me Really Sick?

    Stop it immediately and call your doctor. You may have a sulfa allergy.
  9. It sounds as though surgical extraction may be your final option, particularly as your derm already has suggested it. Make sure that's what your derm recommends and ask if there's another alternative you might consider prior to going surgical route. Cortisone injection in the same spot more than twice has risks as well, including scarring.
  10. Wynne

    Negative Accutane Experiences

    Reminder of the purpose of this thread. About five or six posts are now invisible.
  11. One topic's enough.
  12. Wynne

    From Jock To Loser

    Reminder: Name calling is against the board rules.
  13. Wynne

    How To Permanently Cure Your Acne !

    ONE topic is enough. More than one topic = spam.
  14. Wynne

    Regarding An Order - Important

    Please contact customer service at support@danielkern.com or from our Contact Us page for help with any order related or shipping inquiries. For your own security, we do not have access to your order history or account information here on the message boards.