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  1. alright will do thanks everyone now that the acv is diffrent I'll see if anything changes try adding aloe gel into the acv it actually feels dece whe nu put it on and it doesnt smell as bad ill report back later
  2. lol Cod liver oil (fish oil with vit A) and flax = omega 3 Multivitamin = Zinc Im a runningback not a bigass linemen so Im not bulking or anything, just building hard muscle, so Its the right amount of calories I took out the lemon juice outta my acv and added in like 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel aka. AVACV (aloe vera apple cider vinegar). Now it doesn't burn the sh*t outta my face and It feels kinda nice. the ratio is 1:1, plus the aloe. Seems good so far.
  3. phillishaver (electric) works awesome, i have no acne where I use the shaver. It helps my skin a ton and I recommened to anyone dude who wants a acne freelooking chin/jawline. This is sorta gross but I know it works because when I open it to clean after shaving theres is haiir and tons of dead skin flakes and shit I didnt even know were on my face. just remember to keep the top clean and cleanse before you shaver or else your spreading all the acne bacteria around with the shaver
  4. Thanks alot everyone.. Good advice Ill ditch the lemon juice ACV mixture.. its pretty harsh and basically burns my eyes when i put it on so i keep my eyes closed and stuff.. pretty brute IMO. will also apply more aloe vera but id rather not be a fruit applying moisturizer, but if it works Ill keep doing it. jewel001: funny you'd talk about the Vitamin C because I am actually already taking 3 vitamins Cs 500mg's a day and it actually helps my skin. I started it to add to my training diet ( fo
  5. aha great how fucked am I now.. ive been doing this for about 2 months any suggestions of whats better?
  6. well most of us are more proud of our bodies then our face.. skinny? im 195 pounds anyways.. i use 9:1 acv to water add in some lemon drops to get rid of the sick smell but yeah red marks jsut not goin away pretty annoying shit
  7. MANN

    acne sucks

    acne pics
  8. I haven't been able to find this anywhere in canadian stores Does anyone know who may carry it in canada thanks..
  9. Where is it avalible in Canada? and do you guys recommend this for pimples? thanks
  10. Hey guys, please help me out, sorry for the long read... I read everything on here and have adapted a few things into my rountine to help clear red marks. Ive been doing this for about 2 months and red marks are still the same. cleanse - Avon Trueporefection and Goats Milk soap bar Tone- ACV Treat- I usually skip this but if there is a real zit i apply proactiv BP Protect- usually toss on Aloe Vera gel if needed Theoretically from what i read, this is supposed to work, here but