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  1. I've been eating like shit. My acne is about the same. Surprisingly I'm feeling confident though. It's odd?
  2. I have severe acne on neck, back, and on my scalp. The only thing working is eliminating the sugar. All my breakouts are so reduced after only 3 days without any processed food or refined sugar... It's just so hard to stick to this. It's almost the weekend and all I can think about is how to eat copious amounts of sugar. :'(
  3. Thoughts on day 3: Yesterday I was craving Oreos like an insane person. I began rationalizing it and telling myself I'll start this no sugar thing on the first of the new year. But I distracted myself and made it to day 3. Distracting myself was basically forcing myself to go to sleep because auughhhh the cravings were TOO REAL. Lolol Anyways, I'm better off for it today because the cystic acne that was so painful has not only decreased in size, but also is at about 10% or less of the or
  4. I'm not suggesting cutting out fruit. I'm cutting out refined sugars and processed foods. We are addicted to this stuff because of the dopamine spike in the brain. You will get that same dopamine spike each time you consume refined sugar and this is what will keep you going back to it. Well, not you specifically... Lol, but addicts. P.s. I'm on day 2, feeling very determined!
  5. Obviously dietary triggers vary a ton from person to person, but for me I'm 95% sure it's sugar. When I was off 9f sugar for 5 days last week, my cysts started to go down (less inflammation) and I wasn't getting new pimples. Now that I binged really bad (on sweets) over the weekend, my skin is out of control. My neck hurts to move because new, painful cysts have formed. It just really sucks, but I have no option but to quit. My current breakfast is a green smoothie 2-3 cups of greens (sp
  6. I'll post here with you on and off. :3 Man it was tough over the holiday weekend. I broke down and over indulged too. It's time to make a big change though.
  7. I messed up but I'm starting again on Wednesday. If you want to start with me or post your updates here, feel free! It'd be awesome to have a partner to keep up with in this. I don't have anyone else.
  8. Yes we can! Thanks for replying, hope you're well. It's gonna get tougher, but I try to tell myself that this isn't forever and I just need time to heal my gut.
  9. Hey guys. Today was a good day for me. Acne improved and I ran a mile and lifted weights.
  10. @shmilyM I'm confused about my acne too. I gotta keep trying though. I read the recommendation for d3 is 5,000iu a day? That's what I'm taking. And the recommendation for zinc is 23-40mg per day (you can find many links in a search that recommend about 30mg daily for acne sufferers). I just took 40 for the first time today, but I'm going back down to 30 tomorrow! I'm also just starting the magnesium, but if anything I think I need more than 350mg of that. As far as masturbation goes, I t
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm currently on something like day 40 of my Paleo eating and I've violated by eating sugar (Udi's muffins) and drinking alcohol, but just a few times each. The diet seems to be helping a VERY small amount. Just this week I have a lot of new cysts on my neck and shoulders. I think they're healing quicker now though. My best guess is that I'm still detoxing from all my previous bad habits because I was in pretty deep! Or I just can never enjoy sweets again witho
  12. My skin is oily/dry combo, but sebum production is very high and I struggle with cystic acne (huge) on my neck, shoulders, and back. This week I've found what I think to be a good way to reduce oil production in the skin. I see you guys have discussed vitamin A, and vegetables such as carrots are a source of carotenoids. These are technically vitamin A, I believe, but our body needs to convert them to retinol once they're stored. You can find one of the best sources of pure retinol vitamin A
  13. I've gone one week now as an experiment as well. I'm going for that 90 day restart NoFap goal! Right now I'm also taking zinc (only 20mg a day) and taking cold showers at the end of my normal shower. I'm also eating beef liver weekly for all the nutrients. I better go back through and read this thread to see how far along the experience is.
  14. Many know of the effects of megadosing on Vitamin A. They'll supplement large doses (50,000-100,000iu+ daily) for months and see improvement in their acne. This is similar to Accutane (Isotretinoin) treatment using a synthetic form of Vitamin A. Supplementing on your own is frowned upon because there is no one to monitor your bloodwork. It's mainly stigmatized because of the proposed danger of toxicity to the liver. There are multiple ways to get Vitamin A though, not just from a supplem