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  1. I have moderate acne on my arms, shoulders chest and back. I have been trying to get rid of it for 5 years. For medical reasons I'm unable to take accutane. Here is what I've tried. What would you suggest I try next? Thanks! Anti-bacterial soap Apple cider vinegar Head+shoulders Proactiv Every type of cleanser and body wash BP Glycolic acid
  2. your hair is really cute by the way
  3. Well, this year is my 7th anniversary of having moderate acne on my back, chest, shoulders and upper arms. I've had it since I was about 13. For the last five or so years I have been trying furiously to get rid of it. I tried everything from proactiv to antibacterial soap to apple cider vinegar. Nothing could touch it. I was convinced that it was hormonal and health reasons prevented me from going on accutane. I had given H&S a shot about a year ago, using it as a lotion instead of in the
  4. Hey everybody, I've attached pictures of the arm and chest so you can see what I'm talking about. I've had acne on my back, chest arms and shoulders for about five years. I've always kept clean and tried things to get rid of it, but in the last six months I've really been going hard at it. I've tried... Apple cider vinegar - very very little effect Benzyl Peroxide - no effect Head and Shoulders - no effect Dial anti-bacterial bar soap - no effect Every non-prescription scrub and wash you can bu
  5. I must say that I'm quite surprised that there's only one vote for Head and Shoulders so far, versus four for BP. I thought that H&S had a pretty good success rate? Unfortunately, it didn't work for me.
  6. I would also add, I use something else that is not listed and I will tell you what it is Thanks Molly! I just found out that you can't edit poll options after posting, yikes. I edited the post though!
  7. Just so we can get an idea about how each method performs versus body acne. Thanks! And vote away. *If your option is not listed, please list it in a reply to this thread!*
  8. Working....a little bit....sort of. It is sunday and I am entering week 4 of the H&S thing. I use it twice a day, morning and night, as a body wash. I leave it on in the shower for 3-5 minutes each time. During the first week I used it every other day as a lotion before bed, but I noticed that it dryed up my shoulders too badly so I discontinued that by week two. As far as progress goes, I've found this method to be very lacking even after the three week mark. I've noticed that the active
  9. I have a buddy who I've been friends with since the third grade. Although after we turned 15 we tended to hang out less, we have always had contact over the years. He is an awesome guy, he has a great job, a beautiful girlfriend, everything. Yesterday I was talking to him and during a pause in the conversation, you know what I realized? He has acne. Not very bad acne, but certainly worse than mine (I have body acne, none facial). I have no idea how long it has been there or why I didn't realiz
  10. hey y'all I must say, so far H&S has been a lot more pleasant than ACV was. I'm sticking with drinking ACV but I'm using H&S as directed in this message board. When I got to the store all I could remember was that someone had said something about the "intensive care" variety in the blue bottle. So that's what I got. Unfortunately, this version does not contain zinc. It has selenium sulphide instead as the active ingredient. Is this okay? Do you think it will work, or should I go and
  11. thanks for the responses guys, I'll try moving to H&S then. A couple more questions, if you don't mind! would you recommend taking the ACV internally with the H&S regimen? Where is a thread with good directions about the H&S regimen? I've searched but it comes up a lot. Thanks!
  12. Hey everybody I have a question. I (unfortunately) have moderate acne on my arms, shoulders, chest and back. I have always tried new things to remove it (over the counter external stuff mostly, proactiv, etc) but nothing has worked for me. I recently became serious about this problem and tried a "mirace cure" that I had been hearing about: apple cider vinegar. I bought a bottle and drank a tablespoon a day and applied it topically all over the effected areas before a shower. It has been three