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  1. Yes, it's impermanent, but does it at least give substantial results in the short term? What percentage improvement would you expect to get from filler--and how would you compare the improvement you get from one round of filler to, say, five Fraxel treatments? Are there certain types of scars it works best on?
  2. I have had two DOT laser treatments to treat moderate acne scarring on my cheeks. I had wanted Fraxel, based on what I'd heard about it, but my derm didn't have a Fraxel machine and was fairly dismissive of it without clearly explaining why; she also gave me the impression that the DOT laser was more aggressive and effective than Fraxel, because it's ablative (whereas the Fraxel is non-) and CO2-based. At this stage, I am having some second thoughts: While I have definitely seen a modest improve
  3. Is there a derm in NYC who is widely agreed to be excellent when it comes to treating a person's acne scars?
  4. What might an excess of beta-carotene do? Should I be wary of taking retinol supplements in light of how much the Accutane pumped into my system?
  5. I'd like to start taking flax seed capsules, a standard men's multivitamin, and beta-carotene capsules. Are these all okay to take in conjunction with each other? Is it unwise to take any of these so soon after going off Accutane?
  6. There are so many scar treatmants that are off limits to people who just finished Accutane---all laser procedures, even the vinegar and lemon juice method. So what CAN people not yet six months off Accutane try? Tazorac/Retin-A, I believe. But what else? Any dietary treatments in the vein of the vinegar and lemon juice method? Anything, anything at all to spur collagen growth?
  7. Anyone else have any experiences with this? Has anyone had depressed scars they got while on Accutane fill out at all post-tane? Or had them stay just as bad?
  8. I know that Accutane-caused redness often fades after you stop the treatment. But what about scars? Do they improve on their own at all once you've stopped Accutane?
  9. I know you're supposed to take Accutane with food. But does that mean you should take it immiedately before you start eating, or after you've already started eating? Does it matter?
  10. I've heard people describe their initial flare-ups after starting Accutane as pimples "rising to the surface." Is that what really happens? Or is that just BS pseudoscience? I ask because of my situation. I'm 6 weeks into my Accutane treatment. My dosage was upped from 30 mg to 70 mg a week ago, and now I'm having an awful breakout. Are these pimples I would have had anyway that are just "rising to the surface" as a result of the Accutane? Or is "rising to the surface" something that doesn't
  11. I started Accutane about three weeks ago. Per my derm's advice, I have been proceeding as normal with my washing routine--cleanser and toner in the morning and night. Is this wise? My face is already very dry. I feel like the frequent cleansing must be exacerbating it.
  12. I'm a 22 y/o male on my second go-around with Accutane. The first time I took it--about two years ago--I stopped after 5 1/2 months, even though my dermatologist told me to remain on it for an additional three months. Well, my acne later returned, and I paid for that act of rebellion, I suppose. But I started my second Accutane cycle two weeks ago, and again the dermatologist (the same one) is saying my treatment will last for 8 to 10 months. Why is this? Most things I read elsewhere say Accuta
  13. I just started Accutane two weeks ago. Previously, I'd been seeing my dermatologist for glycolic peels every other week. He wants to continue doing the glycolic peels every two weeks throughout the Accutane treatment. Is this wise? I know microdermabrasion and other procedures like that are discouraged for patients on Accutane. What about glycolic peels?