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  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between a cyst and a papule? Before I went on BC I had these huge painful types of acne that I believe are cystic - they left a lot of hyperpigmentation as well. After going on BC I occasionally still have these small red pimples that are kind of itchy but not as painful as the cysts - are these papules or just tiny cysts? And can papules leave behind red marks as well? I've looked online to see if there was any noticeable difference but I've gotten mixed th
  2. I started retin a around 3 weeks ago to help with my PIH and hormonal acne. First week I applied it once, second week I didn't apply it, and third week (this week) I've applied it twice. Before starting retin a, the left side of my face was honestly my pride and joy because it was so clear compared to my right side - everytime I looked at it I was so happy because thank god I didn't at least fuck up one side of my face right?? After starting retin a, I'm getting these tiny red dots on my left