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  1. where do you get your aha moisturiser from?? im from the uk and can't find any
  2. Im taking b complex with pantothenic acid/b5 but ive heard on here that taking biotin or b complex with biotin is bad for acne and kinda defeats the pupose of b5. but then i found something about biotin here and am now im confused http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=n...ent&dbid=42 my b complex only contains 50micrograms/33% RDA, anybody know if that would break me out?? should i get b complex with no biotin or is it just excess amounts that is bad?? help please!!
  3. ive heard dairy breaks some people out and some say high GI is bad.... dunno personally if these break me out though, might try cuttin down... but i luv chocolate *sigh* any body find changing diet has helped???
  4. 150ug, is that enough of it to be able to cause breakouts?
  5. How much biotin is there in your b complex??
  6. Im taking zinc and b5 at the mo do they affect each other cos i was thinking of stopping the zinc too?? also is it better to take on an empty stomach??
  7. theres nothing like people complaining about their one spot to make u feel like crap!!
  8. could it be the weather?? my skin always looks dead when im outside and its cold n windy.
  9. That's the wrong way around, for it to be selected for it would normally have to be an advantage early in life and pay the costs at a later age.
  10. so found some green tea extracts 1000mg online. it says they contain 40% catechins, anyone know what this means?? Is that a good level??