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  1. @bellydance: I am sorry to ask for this favour. Is it possible that you post a picture from your face before your 1. fraxel? I have been doing 4 fraxels as well but didn't see any improvement yet. Thanks a lot. d.o.m.
  2. Hey crzyakta Thanks for your reply. So you don't think that it is wise to have a shower AFTER Needling? For the aftercare I made a mixtur on my own: Urea Dexpanthenol (main ingredient from Bepanthene) Avocadin Vitamine A (retinol-palmitate),C,E Fluid Zincoxide I hope that is enough to provide a fast recovery What do you think? Greez
  3. Hello I read quite a lot - in the main thread for dermarolling/needling as well - and have 2 little questions: - Should i have a shower before or after a 2.5mm dermarolling session with an 3 and 8 row roller (my first)? - Can I roll scars resulted from an scar excision as well (they exist in both, a hypertrophic and an athrophic form) or should I better avoid to roll operation scars? thanks for your answers
  4. Hi, these are before pics. What do you think?
  5. Hi guys Tomorrow I'm having my third treatment with the "palomar starlux". My doc says that I will have to have about 6 or 7 treatments. I am doing them every 2 weeks. Here 2 pictures first: A lot people here say that their doc do "8 passes" or something like this. My doc only does 3 per treatment (60mj output) so I am quite a bit surprised Shall I tell him to do also 8 passes or is it too much? What do you think about my scars, will I have success with Fraxel or not? thank you guys d.
  6. so you'd say, that I could leave it there? but for how long?
  7. Hi It is already mentioned in the header I just made a selfmade moisturizer with jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, Urea (and grapeseed oil). I didn't add any preserving agent or other ingredients than the mentioned four. Now, can I store (and how long) the moisturizer in the fridge? Does the coolness maybe affect the ingredients? thanks guys d.o.m.
  8. Yeah, hey guys I'm still on Accutane (40mg/day) and I wanted to mix the following ingredients together to make a Body Lotion (also recommended for the face???) that reduces black/whiteheads: Urea (crystalline) AloeVera Jojoba oil Grapeseed oil The problem is, that I don't know how to mix the Urea wâ€th the other ingredients and how long I can store the completed mixture. Shall I just take a little water to make saturated dissolution of 5-10% Urea and then mix it with the Aloe and the two oi
  9. @lamarr: thanks for the answer. No, I don't think that I have keloid scarring, because they don't get bigger;-) But what do you think there is a possibility that I will get nearly (95%) normal skin? thx d.o.m.
  10. hey guys I'd like to ask you the following question; is it possible to get rid of hypertrophic scars on the back (high = 4-5mm, diameter = 1-6mm) with methods like excision and trichloroacetic acid, injection of cortisone or multiple dermabrassions... so that I'll get a smooth - and what is more important - flat skin without "sensible hills". I'm prepared to spend a lot of money in it (more than 10 grand). I'm happy to hear from you;-)) greetings d.o.m.
  11. C'mon guys What do you think about it? d.o.m.
  12. hey guys Is it helpful ( during an accutane regimen) to use a humidifier (filled with saltwater) for 5-8 hours per day to create a sea climate (because the salty air is supposed to be curatively to the skin). Which humidity and duration is recommended? What's about salty baths two or three times per week? thx for your answers greetings d.o.m. ps. i'm talking about Death Sea Salt (which has a high concentration of minerals)
  13. thx for the quick answer it's strange because my doc told me to take it. Which good moisturizer for the body can you recommend? It should also be washable easily (because I have some unhealed scars and so I can't rub too hard. I'm very thankful for every recommendation greetings d.o.m.
  14. Hi guys I've been taking the moisturizer Nutraplus from Galderma with 10% urea for 10 days now (I'm on accutane but i will finish in 40 days, I have/had acne conglobata). The problem: Since I am taking it, I feel like there are more purulent pimples and especially more black/whiteheads on my middle back. Is it possible that nutraplus causes pimples/blackheads? I am not so sure about the ingredients... Has anyone some experiences with it? I am very greatful about each answer regards d.o.m.