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  1. Took me awhile but final update. I'm very happy with how every thing turned out. I'm 100% clear, haven't had a real pimple in a while. I've been off for 3 weeks now. When I do think something is coming up i just leave it be and try not to pop it and it's gone in 24 hours. I have a few dark spots still from previous spots but I'm assuming those go away over time. During the course of the treatment I rarely have extreme side effects. Normal dryness, hands peeled a bit, nothing crazy. No depres
  2. @eternalrocket Thanks. I do understand that but I'm wondering if being sore is an all day occurrence or just experienced in the morning or during times of low movement. And it's just my back, no other parts of my body. Just want to gather different experiences to see how mine compares.
  3. Hey guys....could use some help here. I've been getting severe lower back pains in the AM after sleeping. It's gotten so bad that it wakes me up at night and I have to get up and stretch before I can fall asleep again. But, when i wake up and start moving around, the pain goes away completely. I started getting this pain about a week before accutane but it was no where near as severe. I'm trying to figure out if it is bed related or because of accutane. So, for those that experienced back pai
  4. About 11 weeks in. Skin is relatively clear. No real active spots. But my skin looks kinda of splotchy, little red spots that look like they could be acne but are smooth. I'll live with it. Ever since going up to 80mg my hands, specifically fingers tips have been sensitive and started to peel. Everything else seems pretty normal. However, I really miss eating apples. Can't open my mouth wide enough for that without splitting my lips haha.
  5. Sorry to hear that man...that sucks. Was that your first blood test since starting?
  6. Try taking a milk thistle to help regulate liver function. I do. I've drank a few times on accutane and my results came back pretty good. I also drink warm lemon water as well. Things like cucumbers, lemons, and water will help regulate your liver. Worth a shot right?
  7. Just about finished with my second month. I've been pretty please with the results so far. I'm still getting some bumps on my cheeks here and there but they subside quicker than usual. I'm taking vitamin e to deal with dryness. When I trim my beard a lot of dead skin cells build up but nothing out of control. Lips are dry but manageable. Some days my skin looks and feels very clear. Other days it looks spotty and blotchy but when I run my finger over it there's no bumps, frustrating but rewardin
  8. Month 1 complete. So far so good, I was only on 20 mg but my skin seemed to have cleared. My derm was very pleased with the results, I told her I was cautiously optimistic. I asked her if she thought I was out of the woods regarding an IB and she said that she thinks I am, we'll see. She is bumping me up to 60 mg. I'm nervous about this because I haven't had any crazy dryness or redness yet and no IB. I'm worried all 3 of the things will come at once going from 20 to 60 mg.
  9. @masterchi Just came across this. I'm 3 weeks in and have the same exact problem. Skin looks clearer but black heads waaaay more noticeable. I'm curious how long the blackheads took to come out? You also said your skin was clear at this time. Did it stay clear besides the blackheads or did you get worse? Thanks!
  10. PMT1958

    beard trimmer?

    Norelco One Blade is a life saver. Looks like a real shave but without the irritation. Just a really close trimmer. Awesome.
  11. During my first few weeks before my skin got too dry, I continued using BP as well. It's a judgement call, if your skin doesn't feel ultra sensitive, go ahead. I knew to spot when I felt a slight burning sensation while applying the BP.
  12. Week 2: The beginning of the weeks was not the best. I had a lot of red bumps on my cheek bones. Typically this only happens to one side of my face at a time so it was pretty frustrating. I grew out my beard which I never do just to try and hide it a bit. Towards the middle of the week I noticed my lips and nose were starting to become much more dry. I've been religious in applying lip balm but the corner of my mouth started to crack. This would have been a lot more annoying but it seemed that a
  13. I'm reading a lot about low and high doses. Right now I'm on 20 m/g per day. I'm 185 lbs so about 83 kg. I'm not sure how to calculate the right cumulative dose. Can anyone help me with that please?
  14. Hi Everyone, I've been reading this discussion board for quite some time now. It has always helped me formulate an attack against acne. I like to call it an attack rather than defense because I've decided I'm going to stop acne before it happens and stop chasing it away with an antibiotic or spot treatment. That is why I have started a course of Claravis. I'm a 24 y/o male. My skin is confusing, I do not have moderate or severe acne, it is much more on the mild side. I have been dealing with
  15. Hi Everyone,As most people have, I've dealt with acne for a while and ran through the gamut of treatment options with my derm. We're trying doryx/epiduo combo one more time before I head for Accutane. I've done my reading on accutane and I know what to expect, but I wanted to ask some questions about it and get a few answers from people who have experienced it.I'm hoping to field answers from people who have similar skin but will take anything I can get! I am a 24 y/o male. I have struggled with