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  1. Hi, I finally found something that works for me after about 5 years. Background: I used to have mild/moderate acne, but it went away for a year when I used neutrogena rapid clear pads and clearasil adult acne treatment. (sulfur). These products stopped working; they would dry out my skin and make it flake like crazy. Since that time, which was 3 years ago, I have tried: green cream, countless otc drugstore products, PC, supplements, and DKR. (And countless combinations of these products as we
  2. update: as of now all noninflamed acne is gone, there are two spots healing from where i picked..stupid me, but whatever it's all done once they heal. If you have noninflamed acne, try the regimen. I lost count of the days but yeah..took less than two weeks to clear it all up. oh, and i still am not using the moisturizer...just jojoba oil. You sort of have to use a generous amount though..like 10 drops, maybe apply once during the day as well. Otherwise I'm following it exactly.
  3. hmm...thanks for posting that link. If this does not work I will def. look into the AHA reccommended. This was interesting: "Benzoyl peroxide. To further peeling inside the pore, I also recommend benzoyl peroxide. Products like benzoyl peroxide that keep the pores from clogging up in the first place are highly effective in a non-inflamed acne situation. If you can tolerate a 10% benzoyl peroxide, go straight to using a 10% benzoyl peroxide solution. Again, a patch test is a good idea." so..BP
  4. well i do have moisturizer on hand in case, but right now my main concern is whether or not the regimen could work for me because i'm seeing mixed info; on pubmed there's some studies that show BP improves non-inflamed breakouts, as well as a couple other sites, but then the common opinion is that SA is better. SA used to work for me but has not been anymore.
  5. I've been using full dose BP for 5 days now..as long as I use a tiny bit of jojoba there's absolutely no dryness.
  6. I was wondering if the DKR works for tons of congested pores/blackheads, because PC salicylic acid and green cream did not work. I'm thinking that if BP ONLY killed bacteria (and had no effect on clogged pores), then anyone who it "worked" for would still be left with clogged pores/blackheads. Since this is not the case, could it work? Secondly, I can use the full amount of BP without dryness...if I use a little jojoba oil only as a moisturizer. Is this okay? Thanks!
  7. Since blackheads are not caused by dirt, or clogged pores for that matter, how does washing affect noninflamed acne? I've been using 2% PC (mostly the gel, but also used liquid) for almost 2 months and still get bad clogged pores, though there has been SOME improvement..but only at the beginning. I've been washing with just water at some times, and with the one step PC cleanser at others. Anyway, just trying to figure out what I should do and whether washing with only water versus the cleanser
  8. In my experience the main thing is not to let your skin dry too much. I use 2% PC also and if I apply too much (like, way more than the recommended "dime size" amount) skin flakes and blackheads ensue. "Whén you apply PC and moisturize is also important, if i wait to long with PC, my skin starts to produce oil wich means more blackheads. " I disagree with this because your skin is going to produce oil whether or not you moisturize or not. HOWEVER I believe the effect you are relating is true-
  9. thank you, perhaps if i can gather enough money i can invest in the moisturizer/sunscreen. right now the red marks that are most annoying are like those in between a scrape and just irritation- the result of extracting. They don't really scab (sometimes though) but are dry and harder than the surrounding skin. How can i get rid of these? they seem to linger and not progress in healing. I do apply the GC over them in hope that it can increase the healing process but that does not seem to work to
  10. fresh, and i'm probably only superfrustated because of the moment, as even today they are better. What seems to happen is that they form not a scab...but a layer of darkened, dry skin over them that in a couple days can be peeled off and it looks much better does the retinol speed or slow the healing process? I would imagine if it can reduce the skin cycle from a month to 5-6 days it would also help in cell renewal for this sort of thing too? It may be my imagination but even scabs seem to heal
  11. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I guess I'm a little confused then on the difference between "comedone" and "congested pore." Would you say comedones are the ones that have a "bump?" because the clogged pores on my nose do not have bumps, it's just rather disgusting to have stuff trapped in there. I don't really think I'll be going on accutane since I don't even have inflamed acne..just do what i can with the GC/BHA And do you happen to know a good way of dealing with the red marks? (without m
  12. Okay the thing that worries me is this: the pores on my nose get clogged really quickly, like if i get all the gunk out then in 2 days they'll be clogged again. Even WITH application of BHA and GC daily, this still happens; which makes me wonder if they can really prevent pores from being clogged? I'm getting sort of frustrated now because it seems like nothing is working though I know I'm only at the 1 week mark.
  13. Thank you. I did stop using the BP and you were right, no new inflamed spots have appeared. Currently this is what I'm doing: Night: PC 2% SA gel 30 minutes before applying level 6 GC Morning: manually exfoliate with textured cloth pad (pretty gentle) and water Have been doing this for 4 days now, today is the 5th. (yes i started out by applying everyday, my skin is pretty tough). No irritation/redness, only flaking is when i exfoliate. I actually started the BHA 2% gel about a week earl
  14. Hmm, thinking about the function of BP vs. GC, do you think that once the skin is done purging that I could discontinue the BP? Because at this point I only get inflamed bumps-a few at a time on the forehead, and the BP prevents that. (In fact a couple months ago I was only using a scrub and never go inflamed bumps ever, even without BP) I'm think that once there are no comedones, there isn't anything to get inflamed anyway? Also, sorry if this has been asked before (working through reading th
  15. Hi, I'm 18 years old, a guy, with what I'd call dry skin..not too sensitive. Anyway I don't get inflamed acne when I use 2.5% bp (the stridex pads) once a day but a ton of clogged pores, all over cheeks/forehead, some on chin. I THINK they're whiteheads but they dont really have heads. I can extract a few of them..but some are too deep/small to get out. They're flesh colored unless I extract and it gets irritated. Anyway i was wondering the best way to incorporate GC, and if it's right for me.