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  1. Just saying what's up if you ever come back.

  2. Thank you for your feedback and constructive criticism Rocky. I think everyone in this thread knows where you stand on this issue. (Awaits flame)
  3. I don't know - I just don't know Dan. However around 1 week ago some bans were passed around and the people seemed to be right back 10 minutes later - that should be fixed in my opinion. Other than that I am out of ideas.
  4. Who am I disrespecting? You? How? For disagreeing with you? This is a message board meant for constructive criticism not telling others to be respectful because you have been served. Take your own advice - drop it and move on and stop attacking us for voicing our opinions. All I see is you complaining about our complaining. So we are even now.
  5. Rocky, thanks we know Chat is over - so now that Chat is over we have the right to use these message boards.
  6. We are dealing with it The Heir but this is a topic that Dan has posted and has requested feedback - and like Figjam said - we are giving that to him. Also to Figjam - 100% agree'd
  7. I do use the chat *moderator edit*. And why are you butting in to business that's not yours? Take your own advice. Last I checked *moderator edit* this is a message board about a topic, about chat which I used every day, every night. So this is my business - moreso than yours. Stop attacking people because you had a bad day.
  8. Rocky, can I please ask why you are involving yourself in affairs that do not concern you? You didn't even use the chat - thus have no reason to even be posting in this thread. Now be gone, and leave my computer screen in peace.
  9. Also I would like to add - as far as the sexual discussion goes and keeping the younger people "safe" we all looked out for one another on there. Sure, we were rambunctious (I really don't care if I spelled that wrong) If a new person (didn't have to be a new person) came in and was acting suspicious or acting "Pedophile-like" all of us were pretty quick on our toes and knew what was up. I am going to have to say that chat was safer than modern-day Myspace. my 2 cents.
  10. I can't help but think Jeremy and I are what caused Dan to shut the chat down - I mean we talked about Megan Fox for like 20 min and were very naughty.
  11. Wow thats extremely dumb - now I can't talk muscles with Jeremyn - smartassery with John and Mike - Sound Choice being my pimp - and Lyssa and Lauren my mistresses =) Anyone have facebook/myspace? Add me