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  1. I’ve find zinc is great for inflammation , vitamin e helps speeds up recovery vitamin d3 in its natural form , probiotics and vitamin a . Let me know how the vbeam goes if it makes a difference and any side effects I have red marks that just linger forever .
  2. Mine are the same meaning usually around time of ovulation ...let me know if you decide to do hormone testing and what youre results come back as
  3. I wouldn't go straight on birth control your hormones are just so out of whack and breastfeeding can do I am still suffering from hormones being a mess after stopping breastfeeding is when I got horrible huge breakouts . Try maca root it's natural and won't alter your hormones it really regulated my cycle like clockwork coming every 28 days
  4. @WishClean I just ordered inositol bc I get crazy hormonal acne right around ovulation just until my cycle starts . Do you recommend taking inositol everyday or only during a few days out of the cycle ?
  5. Very interesting I haven't been able to go through all the responses as therthink are so many but i think I rather try inositol before something like vitex affecting hormones . I've read inositols ability on reducing insulin spikes in bloodstream therefore reducing chronic inflammation --> thus reducing acne . My problem is mainly has cystic acne jawline and some cheeks and gets worse just before my cycle don't know if that means I have low progesterone levels .
  6. I mainly used hemp seed oil which like I said has a rating of supposedly zero . The problem with these oils is that it can go rancid, and I was using it everyday . Acne on my cheeks was never an issue for me so to see this to such a horrible extent was so hard for me . I would mainly suggest to ppl what may work for someone may not work for you I did countless of hours days and months of research , reading blogs and websites even on acne.org to hear about different experiences and methods. We do
  7. Well coconut oil should never be used it's highly comodogenic . I used olive oil mixed w castor oil at first big mistake as this is pore clogging as well . Finally I went on to see oils that were rated a "0" on clogging pores and hemp seed oil was on the list I chose organic unrefined pure hemp seed, kept it refrigerated . I swear that the cysts that grew was in infection . The acne bacteria feed off the oil and in turn spread . It takes a while to show up so don't think just bc you use it it
  8. So I'm sure most of us have heard of the OCM where you cleanse your face with a mixture of different oils and concentrations depending on your skin . Well do not do it if your skin is acne prone!!!! Please I learned the hard way and now i am paying for it big time. I attempted the OCM method as a way to "cleanse" and moisturize as the same time . It's supposed to unclog pores gets rid of makeup etc more than what a regular cleanser could do . Well wrong . I was using the oil and mind you an oi
  9. Unfortunately for me I do not have insurance so pricing for me would be the same. Im not sure what type of tests the ob administers usually its blood tests. I have read so many forums and reviews that other more expensive test panels are better so its so confusing to be paying for something in hopes that results will be accurate.
  10. I know stress for me has been my biggest trigger, stressing about my skin and me reacting to emotional negative situations makes my breakouts worse. I also tried oil cleansing with hemp seed oil (supposedly it has non comodogenic rating of 0) and i believe it clogged my pores that the infection was so deep causing these huge cysts under my cheeks which ive never had any breakouts here ever. Take it easy, stresful events planign to have a baby, moving etc can wreak havoc on the skin . Also I simp
  11. Sorry to hear that you have to stop what was working for you . What form of testing did you use ? Saliva , blood tests ?
  12. @SmithvfWell unfortunately mine has gotten worse from the picture above ; it's now gone up to my cheeks I quit dairy I quit whey protein, have included so many Whole vitamins etc, tried adding in more exfoliating acids and nothing. I went to a derm she didn't do much as to say what could be causing but gave me antibiotic and a topical retinoid . While it may work for smaller breakouts it's not doing anything for these huge bumps . I'm pretty sure it has to be hormones as to nothing is resp
  13. I've had this happen to me especially bc I covered up with a bandaid . The thing with tea tree is a little goes a long way you have to dilute it.. aloe and honey helps, Vaseline , neisporin, and vitamin e . Anything to keep it moist
  14. Cerave products broke me out with clogged pores bc of all the fatty acids and ceramides . So if you're prone to breakouts I would avoid this . cetaphil is high on the ph scale you want to find a wash that's low on ph or do oil cleanse( I do hemp seed since it's 0 on the comedonegenic scale). Tone with witch hazel and rose water , use an exfoliating acid either BHA OR AHA, then treat with topical . And you have to moisturizer especially if your skin is dry. I find oils to be the best such a ros
  15. I can relate so much to this ! I had breakouts only in right side of my face then all of a sudden my breakouts I think We're triggered by stress and sugar. Now I have huge breakouts on both sides and now huge ones up on my cheek . Insulin has the biggest affect on triggering breakouts so if anyone has any suggestions other than eating clean, carb cycle and do not yet on high fat diet but only my carbs since i weightlift . Also , is it recommended to do hormone sting before making assumption