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  1. a pic would be helpfull i think those little bumps u are talking about they look like crystal tiny balls and u can actually take them out and they feel like tiny rocks thats just that yr pores are cloged now the redness i dont know hope u figure it out
  2. i dont use any of that stuff anymore because my skin just peels rapidly on its own it gets iritated easily even when i sleep i just wakeup with them what i believe is that my skin just gets iritated easily and so my skin just gets this reaction its like my skin got inflamed and the skin is just having a bad reaction
  3. theyr just lumps no puss inside its like a hive my skin has become easily irritated and sensitive weather also affects me water,rubbing,scratching,putting any creams on my skin,makeup etc..... so when my skin gets iritated in whatever way i get this flesh bump the skin is missing an oter layer and it looks like a hyve
  4. okay so let me tell you how it started i used tazorac for a year and i got clear but then my skin started thinnin and i would get these bumps where it looks like my skin got a flesh looking bump and so what i would do to heal it is that i would put moisturizer and cocoa butter and in uhm a week or two it would heal and turn into a blemish (dark spot) so then uhm i lowered my consentration tried diferent ones like diferin,retin a but i would once in a while it would appear again the inflamed b
  5. is neutrogena on the spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide more iritating than dans benzoyl peroxide?
  6. im tossled into which one to buy i know that dans benzoyl peroxide is cheaper but what i really care for is which ones less iritating on the skin withought mosturizer anyone has tried both and could please tell me ps.... dont go off topic just answer this question and why u think one is less iritating than the other
  7. i dont know if this stuff works i feel like its baloney i feel like the light they give its just plain light and the only reason people say its working its because they give you a three step system and whats actually working is the ointments i mean think abouit it one of the ointments has salycic acid and we all know salicyc acid works so im skepticle i checked the site and its a little pricey for me i wish they sell the light thingy by itself anyone knows of a light therapy thats cheap?
  8. lilakroses


    use taz o.5 cream its a little less irritating than the gel and the o.5 is less stronger thaan the 1% cream but i got better results from the gel at 0.5 percent gel seeps in more than the creams i dont use the 1% because my skin is verry sensitive if its iritating make sure that you start with the o.5% than 1% creams in retinols are less harsh than gels start with 0.5 %and work up to 1%
  9. hy i was in my local drugstore and i decided to buy some pills i bought some zinc 50mg which the dosage is fine no more than 50mg dan says lol now i really want to get more vitamin A in my body cause its good for the skin but im tossled between getting a pill bottle that says vitamin A or beta carotene ? can i take both or is that too much vitamin A? or should i just get one? but which one should i get ? tossled lol and what are the recomended dosage for vitamin A and for beta carotene im
  10. is thr any other alternative to benzoyl peroxide,salycic, and retinoids is thr anything else out there i can use ? its just that all of them irritate me i have sensitive skin and my skin wont tolerate any of them especially on my forehead it just irritates me i have been moisurizing my forehead but my skin is also reallly oily so my pimples stay the same i have a huge problem area my skin just cant tolerate any harsh products i tried leaving the skin alone but my sebum when it start to p
  11. Anyone bought the new CLINIQUE• Even Better SPF 15 • Foundation? i want to know for those who have bought it if its labeled non-comedeogenic im considering buying this but thr website doesnt say wether its non comedeogenic and since i only buy face products that say non comedeogenic(wont clog pores) can yal tell me if its labeled at all as noncomedeogenic pleaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. im interested in this product especially the carot products burst bees has like this one http://www.burtsbees.com/webapp/wcs/stores...1&langId=-1 and this one http://www.burtsbees.com/webapp/wcs/stores...1&langId=-1 but no where on the site does it show whether its non comedeogenic,non pore cloging nor non acnegenic so im asking you guys ! hope you know! i think its sounds nice to use more organic brands but i feel like all those oils can really clog you up especially if y
  13. ok thanks for answering my question so quickly i was actually waiting on you to write something since you were viewing this topic and you did! so thanks
  14. BARE MINERALS need help figuring out which brush to use? i bought the bare minerals get started kit its got the 2 foundations medeum and medeum beige all over warmth and the mineral veil the three brushes i got was the concealer brush full flawless face brush and flawless aplication brush which from the two flawless brush is the one to use to put on yr foundation? and which one do i use to put the warmth? and which one do i use to put the mineral veil? also it sucks that my starter kit do
  15. i have african 100% natural sheabutter i want to know if i can use it and does it clog pores i want to use it because it soposedly gets rid of dark spots i read suposedly it helps acne too is that right or wrong oh also is it supose to smell bad? cause mines does the container says it doesnt expire and is it supose to melt so quiclkly but if u dont feel like answering all i really want to know if it clogs pores since cocoa butter does