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  1. BINGO! How many people would really come back to an acne forum after accutane has cleared them up? They are busy enjoying the life that was taken away from them by acne. The last thing they want to do is be reminded of it I am very pro accutane, because I've tried just about everything and accutane is the only thing that's worked (I'm on my fourth month now). Side effects have been minimal. I remember my dermatolosit put me on minocycline. I was hallucinating like crazy while on it, and had a
  2. Hmm... From my experience, if you have acne eventually you will start to think that everything you eat is causing it. Not a great habit to get into that's for sure. I lost a lot of weight last year because I was basically trying to avoid just about every single food that could possibly cause it. One thing is fore sure though... no matter what I avoided... my acne never fully went away. If you have oily skin, not eating dairy is not suddenly going to make it non-oily. It might make it slightl
  3. I think ibuprofen or just Tylenol should do the trick for the time being. You should really talk about this with your doctor though
  4. Can't see too much in those pics, but if you are getting cysts that are taking weeks to go away, go on Accutane while you still don't have too much scarring. I had something similar and although antibiotics and BP helped, it all just came back even worse when I stopped. Having to go through that is terrible, and I really wish you won't have to. For this reason I can't recommend antibiotics, period. Accutane may have its side effects, but once your done usually you are done for good. See a derma
  5. Hi, I just have one question. Would it be ok to use Minocycline at the same time as Accutane during the beginning of the course to minimize the initial breakout? I think I've heard that you shouldn't, but maybe that was with tetracycline? Thanks
  6. Hi, I recently talked to my dermatologist and he prescribed Minocycline for the cystic acne that I started getting because of stress lately. My question is, can I use both Minocyline and Zinc together if I take them a few hours apart? I started taking Zinc about 3 weeks ago and I have seen some improvement, so I don't want to stop. Would this be safe? Thanks
  7. I disagree too. Might not work for everyone, but I have seen great improvements so far. The best part about it is the fact that it doesn't irritate my skin AT ALL. Same can't be said for BP and Salicylic acid
  8. Did you by any chance start popping at a certain age? I know once I started my acne and the red marks it left behind got worse
  9. I'm still have success with this product, thankfully. I think many of you should be a little more patient with it, as nothing will help right away. I'm guessing this is especially true with topicals that don't treat the underlying problem that's causing the acne
  10. After a few months I determined BP wasn't worth using on my skin. It did stop the breakouts, but it made the red marks and my skin overall look worse than before, even after months of using it. Also, I had no luck with the BP / Moisturizer combo, since the moisturizer would just sit atop of the BP and do virtually nothing. Both also turned my skin red. My skin is just too sensitive to it. I can see how people with less sensitive skin might love it though Can't say for sure if it's bad or not. I
  11. You look fine I think. The redness around your nose and maybe even the mouth could be seborrheic dermatitis. It looks pretty mild and you can use several shampoos to control IF your skin can tolerate them. Keep your skin as dry as possible otherwise
  12. Weird, the only breakouts I had so far were on my forehead. Even then, it's mainly white bumps that were forming before I even started using the cleanser. Other than that I love this product so far, but it's only been about a week. It's worked faster than anything I had tried before. It also isn't harsh in the least bit. I'm also using purpose soap once a day for those that care. I hope more people here will start getting similar results after a few days
  13. There will probably be an initial breakout from any product you use until you get used to it. Most of the time it will get worse before it gets better, that's just how it works. Some people completely abandon products that can help a ton in the long run simply because of of a breakout that might not have even been caused my that product. I know because I do the same thing all the time, although I'm trying to stop. As for not liking how it goes on your face, you should only have it on for abou
  14. Well the description of this actually says "helps improve acne". I have actually seen a huge improvement in my acne (though my acne isnt REALLY bad or anything), probably since i clears all the dead skin away very nicely, so no more newly clogged pores. My recent breakouts seem to be from previously clogged pores, and it looks to me that they are unclogging themselves. So i just gotta wait it out i think, and ill be clear. That's great news actually. I just started using the product today