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  1. This is bad. He is finally manning up. Relationships will have problems if there are discrepancies in looks or in something else (intelligence, height disparity, money). Both people have to be secure otherwise insecurities will cause problems. Which they are in this case. Sry I didn't catch that part. Agreed, forget about him. Someone shouldn't say that. But you still should stop breaking up with guys to see who comes back. I would not come back to a girl like that. But I wou
  2. check the reviews section of the site too, lots of reviews
  3. interesting name--how did you decide on it

  4. Mmm that sounds good. Post your fortune and that will determine the fate of your skin. OP are you basically talking about stress? Or depression? Well, yeah they have detrimental effects on health. But people don't usually experience them as a matter of choice. So what can you do. Medications and procedure--I guess they could have side effects, some possibly carcinogenic. But whatever man everything is carcinogenic. Anything's worth it to have better skin.
  5. That is something I noticed as well. It's a little goody goody right now. You've got the stubble for a more bad boy hairstyle.
  6. I know people notice and care about my ugly scars on my cheeks. Pimples were bad but at least they came and went in short order. People notice and people care. About skin, looks, clothes...just everything. That's reality. My 2 cents.
  7. Yeah I dunno what this is about. Of note though are your bushy eyebrows.
  8. Yeah...I know what you mean about taking a long time in the bathroom and having hygiene issues when you're out of your normal place of residence. Camping's gross, I dislike it. I also take a long while in the bathroom as well as the shower--my folks think I'm girly for that but I don't want to explain why it takes a while. Long time ago I got blood on a pillow, ended up having to replace it. It seeped through the pillowcase and stained the actual pillow.
  9. Personally I would do something. I believe in proactivism. Anyway OP you're looking ok from the front, and at least the sides don't have discoloration. Just kinda lumpy texture on both sides. No redness or breakouts anywhere. Or hypertrophic scars. What happens if you get a tan maybe?
  10. I think this is misleading Seems red--you still breaking out, or had recent breakout activity? I think any derm would first address any active lesions before moving on to scarring treatments. Those 2 big ones--I wonder if you could just have those cut right out and the skin sewn together around them.
  11. Pic was a little blurry, maybe post a new one? Lemme know if you do this TCA business--I've heard and read about it but I'm scared to do it myself, would rather have some experienced derm do it. I have brown skin anyway which always rules out various treatment options
  12. Yeah try putting up a pic somewhere. As for topicals--some say retin-A is beneficial Supplements--try reading a bit about vitamin C and zinc