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  1. lots of stuff, but what scares me most is not living/missing out on life because of this skin disease. acne is so damaging. its hard to get over it. its the one thing thats holding me back in life- and i'm deathly afraid that my life will forever be this way.
  2. ipod, guitar, tv, movies, computer....lots of homework :/
  3. acne is robbing me of my self-esteem and life!!! that stupid bastard!!!
  4. okay, this is thread to do all the ranting you want. we're all damned by this awful skin disease and we're all just emotionally worn out by it all. feel free to say anything or everything in your mind because we all know that acne is a bitch and needs to DIE!!!! its literally screwing up our lives!! plus, a little (or a lot) of ranting does everyone some good, right? let's commence the bitching, shall we?? Note:the main purpose of this thread is to relief anyone of any emotional strain due to
  5. wow...r u serious about all this...? will you be mine? :wub: hehe. i'm joking, but you do seem really sweet. acne is such a bitch, especially when your trying to work out your social and love life. god it makes me feel so insecure and self-conscious! i tend to shy away from social events. but reading this post- it gave me hope. its nice to know that some guys actually feel this way. ^^