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  1. I'm trying to figure this out too. Just a few days ago I had a red spot pop up above my eyebrow. It was under my skin, small, hard and didn't hurt at all. The skin on top of the lesion looked totally normal. I thought it was perhaps a macrocomedone and kept exfoliating until I saw a clear oval shaped border under my skin. So I think if the under the skin bumps are small and painless and looked filled with fluid instead of pus, you may be dealing with a papule.
  2. I don't think cloudy dreamer was steering anyone away from oils. She was merely cautioning people to be careful and to patch test on a piece of skin before they went ahead with oils. And from my experience, rightfully so.
  3. Actually I tried oils back in 2013. Jojoba and rosehip to be precise- all they gave me were a comedonal rash on my forehead that only went away with aha exfoliation. The dr.dennis gross alpha-beta peel to be precise. Oils don't work for everyone. Everyone has different skin and different breakout triggers.
  4. What happened to your cyst out of curiousity? A similar thing happened to me. I had a cyst injected, it shriveled up but I could still feel the core, and I wondered why it wasn't disappearing. Then, five days later it blew up again to its original size but without the redness, pain and inflammation. I went to the dermatologist again (two weeks after the first shot). He numbed it, re-shot it, and then extracted all the pus from it. This was on Wednesday. Now my skin is healing. What looked like a
  5. Reading stuff like this is what makes me scared to go on the bcp. Don't. (About the subhuman thing). I totally understand how you feel but you're not a subhuman and truthfully, I've noticed most people don't care about acne. It's just us. The pih will definitely fade and EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE, has a couple of pits on their face. You're right when you say your acne doesn't define you, and I (like you) really envy all the clear folks, but in time all of this will be water under the bridge. I h
  6. I don't know why I feel like all these hard drugs (as I call it) seem to mess up people's systems way more than help. Did you have relatively clear skin when you started out with acne treatments? How did this all start anyway? I do believe you'll clear up. If all this was started because of spiro, which adjusts your hormones I gather, then things will have to eventually normalize. I'm thinking by the time your appointment comes around, which is perfect, because then the derm can give you an anal
  7. You definitely will heal! I've been watching your progress and it all looks really normal to me. trust me, give it a week!!!!!! I understand it's hard to wait a whole week when it comes to our skin but at this point there's nothing else you can do chin up! It will heal beautifully.
  8. ALL Lrp products have served me really really well and I feel like my skin will break out on anything. Have you tried the Baume b5? That's a really good one if you're on the dryer side, and then there's the normal ciccaplast for normal-oily skin. I think it's gel format. But honestly you could benefit from the recovery gel also-another super gentle one designed to take away redness. Yes; the extraction sucks; saw a small dent today that is definitely an acne scar. It's tiny but I hate it. The ge
  9. I just had an extraction of a deep cystic pimple and the site looks worse than your pictures. I've been using La Roche Posay's epidermal recovery accelerator gel and I saw a difference in 12 hours. It's suuuuuper gentle. Try that That actually looks like it'll be fine in a week btw. Perfectly healed by then.
  10. A scab isn't the best way to heal your skin. Cover up the worst spots with a moist bandaid like a hydrocolloid dressing. a moist environment will help heal the skin much faster. Use a good cream on the areas to keep everything nice and moist. I like la Roche posay, epidermal recovery accelerator. Then slap on the hydrocolloids- try to do this constantly over the weekend. Days you don't have to go out and people won't ask questions. It'll cut healing time in half.hope this helped.
  11. To be honest with you, it's not that bad at all. Looks kind of cute, like freckles. I know you don't feel that way but you're beautiful and quite honestly your acne isn't even all that noticeable. Cheer up. In time it'll go away when you find the right regimen
  12. I definitely think more treatment is required. Maybe you need an antibiotic or a topical cream (there are a lot of prescription creams). A combined regimen of both with moisturizer and washing your face. Diet and good hygiene are just a small part of the big picture.
  13. That's good news. It means by the time you're 20, you'll probably have found a cure. A lot of women have to deal with hormonal acne for most of their life. I know I probably will. Well at least it's not cystic acne. Google dermatologists and find a bunch in your area. You probably don't need accutane for just papules. There are honestly a whole myriad of other treatments, it's really just a matter of finding a good derm. I'm confident you'll be clear in a year or so if you're determined. You nee
  14. Well let me start by saying that the person who used all the vulgar language is a real dickhead. Don't listen to anything he or she has to say-people in highschool tend to be mean and stupid and none of that will matter in the long term. You still have the best years of your life ahead of you and they will hopefully be acne free. What I will say is this. You're 17-18 and right now your skin has the ability to heal quickly and turn over faster, so assuming you start treating your acne now, in a y
  15. Congratulatisons on getting married! I'm sure your mother-in-law was trying to be helpful, but you're marrying her son and not her, so ultimately it doesn't matter what she thinks. Your fiancé loves you and is attracted to you with or without the acne, so it really doesn't matter who else notices it. You have his support and love no matter what. I would say definitely say see a dermatologist for some cortisone shots a few days before the wedding, and perhaps hire a really great make-up artist no