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  1. Hi...i weigh 123 lbs..thanks for getting back to me..so should i stop using topicals?? And just cleanse my face and then use a moisturizer and let the accutane do it's job?? After would i be able to use topicals post tane?? Thanks again
  2. Hey Guys, I started on accutane (clarivis) 20 mg the first month in may and for my second month i'm on 40mg once a day. I don't know if my doctor will continue to up my dosage, but he's just taking precautions to see how i react to the side effects. My doctor also gave me a persciption to Benzaclin (1% clindamycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide) So my question is..should i keep using the benzaclin while i'm on accutane?? I've been using it since april, it cleared up my forehead and seems to bring dow
  3. hey guys, I have moderate-severe acne with alot of scarring...my doctor finally put me on accutane. I started with the generic one (clarivis) at 20mg once a day. I weigh 123lbs...i've been reading up on what people start with, and i'm wondering why i have such a low dose. The next time i see my doc is in a month, i just don't want to have to go through a longer period of time with a low dose..i would much rather have a higher dose, but i don't know if he'll do it. should i just stick with the
  4. OMG. That is EXACTLY what i am going through right now as well. It just started to break out really bad and i don't ever get that way. The way your face looks is exactly how mine is right now, and I'm so feeling your frustration and curiosity as to why it happened. I traced mine back to how it started and i believe just like the other people said that your face got irritated. I switched my face wash for three weeks and that's when it all started, then i started taking these vitamins that sort of
  5. this new face wash is the newest line from neutrogena "micro clear technology"acne stress control ..it has cucumber and green tea in it as well. It hasn't dried out my skin, it actually doesn't dry it out, feels fresh and soft after i wash..but even if it would dry me out, i still put moisturizer on. Does anyone still think it's okay to use it along with my benzaclin because i read in other posts not to mix salicylic acid with BP...so tell me if i should continue using it since it seems to be wo
  6. I have a question, and i would greatly appreciate it if you guys could help me out. I started using this neutrogena oil-free acne stress control power clear scrub. It has 2% salicylic acid and am also using Benzaclin after i wash my face followed by cetaphyl moisturizer. Is this face wash too harsh to use? It seems to be working, but i'm afraid to switch yet again to a gentler face wash like cetaphyl..do you think it'll irritate my skin or should i stick with using it still?? Please help! thanks
  7. thanks guys for your input. But i'm just really scared to switch, that was the cause of my new breakout because i switched. I noticed that whenever i switch face washes i tend to break out really bad and the only thing that kept acne away was the proactiv...i'm on my 4th month going on my 5th and i'm just trying to be patient with it because i remember when i broke out a couple years ago it took 5 months for me to clear up with the proactiv, but then again it wasn't as bad as it is now. But i fe
  8. Hey all, I'm new to the board so i'm looking forward to hearing your feedback. I never had acne until 3 years ago, i only broke out on my forehead. I tried everything from tazorac, retin a, and tetracycline. The only thing that worked was Proactiv which took 5 months to actually clear up. I was clear for about a year and a half, until stupid me changed my skin routine to origins, which was a big no no. My face basically got pissed at me and i broke out worse than i ever have. I have cystic ac