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  1. Okay thanks I guess I was doing the right thing with the moisturizer and I also use emo oil on it. But one more question on this topic- is it supposed to feel sore when i touch it? You know how one of those big pimples feels sore when u gently press it? Is that normal?
  2. Hey everyone. I posted here because I am currently on DKR and have been for about 6 months. Lately I have these dry patches on my face. 2 (one on each cheek) about quarter sized, and I've had them for a few weeks. I guess I just figured if I used more moisturizer and washed around them they would go away, but they are getting much worse. Painful and rough to the touch. And very red for a while after I wash my face. I was just wondering if anyone else got these while on DKR since I've never had t
  3. well it's true that it is a side effect, and i experienced the same thing but i was not happy with it so i tried a different moisturizer and found out that that's what it was. i was using dan's and although i love his facewash and bp the moisturizer just wasn't cutting it for me. you might want to try neutragena healthy skin or sensitive skin and make sure they have sun screen in them. or if you want really intense moisture, try the emo oil from lurebeauty.com.
  4. 3 words. dan kern's regimen. read all about it before you try and give it an honest try for 3 months. and make sure you're following it correctly! i had persistant acne for years and this has been the ONLY thing that cleared me completely. if you have more questions i'm sure many can help you out, and i will check back here too and try to answer as many as i can. good luck!
  5. I just wait until I get out of the shower and do it right away. That was I won't worry about getting shampoo or body wash on my face and I won't worry about it drying on me since you should put the bp on right when it dries. Since it only takes 10 seconds or less, it's really not that much longer. But whatever works for you!
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. A lot of helpful input. I do have the baby brush and have tried the method. I use it for nights when I need to remove makeup. Maybe I should try doing it everyday. I just thought that would be too irritating. But now that I know other people have that problem and pretty much figure there's nothing to be done, oh well I guess. Haha. You're right, it is a small price to pay for clear skin! Thanks again everyone!!
  7. yep the lotion i use has spf in it. 15 i think. good try tho! haha
  8. allright so i have been on dkr for about 4 months now and it's wonderful. i found the right products to help with flaking and redness and all that great stuff. but with or without makeup, all the time, my face is a different color than my neck. and before you say it i use emo oil twice a day and it does nothing. i mean my face isn't red necessarily, but it is always darker than the rest of my skin. maybe it's because my complexion is so pale but it still sucks. anyone have ANY suggestions? it wo
  9. its good that you're using bp it kicks ass. but you say its irritating you a lot right? well read on the regimen tab about bp because 2.5% is the right amount to use it is just as effective as any higher dosage but less irritating and probably less drying too. try it out.
  10. Okay I'm not sure this is the right place to post this but I did get it from my derm. Okay so I'm on dan's regimen and i apply a little azelaic acid to redmarks before bp. My question is how on earch can i tone down this unbearable itching and most of all BURNING? My face turns incredibly red as well. I'm just wondering if someone has used this before does my skin get used to it? This is only about the 3rd time I've used it so I wonder if that's why..? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated
  11. yeah usually over the counter products are bullshit. if you have a derm, ask them about your options. most likely he'll start you off with some kind of cream, like my derm gave me azelaic acid cream and maybe some peels like glycolic acid or trichlorcelic (sp) acid. you can use the cream during your regimen, right before bp and after the cleanser. good luck!
  12. Pros - Illusion of progress, psychological comfort, a chance of destroying p.acne bacteria temporarily. Cons- dry skin, oily skin, clogged skin regardless of non-comedogenic label, pimples, slow skin healing, dependence, future blackheads. Recommended? No. Not from me.
  13. my derm said there is no link with this and getting acne. she actually said that because it relieves stress, it is probably good for your skin. like sex is great for your skin, hair, everything. so..dont worry about it.