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  1. it made me break out. good luck to anyone who is finding sucess with it.
  2. yess! same EXACT thing happens to me. i wake up thinking my red marks have faded but then look in the same place later in the day and realize they're not. it's so frustrating! i really don't know why this happens besides maybe our brains are playing tricks on us? lol.
  3. Sometimes avobenzone goes by a longer chemical name, google avobenzone and you'll probably get it on wikipedia. Good Luck:)
  4. i feel like i post a new topic like every week on here, and i appoligize if i've become annoying but i just want to see some results! i'm leaving for college in a week and i feel like i'm doing something wrong in order to get rid of these marks. ive been using aloe vera gel for about a week or more.. haven't seen any huge results. whenever i THINK my marks have become better, i look at them in a better light and realize there has been little to no progress. i bought bio oil yesterday.. and thi
  5. has anyone tried using aloe vera gel and bio oil at the same time? like maybe one day use alova vera gel, the next use bio oil?
  6. ive been using fruit of the earth for almost a week now - twice a day and i think its helping somewhat to reduce redmarks but ive also broken out a little bit from it too. has anyone else had this problem?
  7. the first few days i used it, completely fine! but after about a week, i started noticing these flesh colored bumps emerging and ive heard this happen to some other people who have used it too. i guess it depends on your skin! be careful.
  8. it feels like ive tried absolutely EVERYTHING to get rid of these damn red marks.. and i'll admit that ive seen a significant difference but i just want to eliminate them 100%! ive put off going to the derm only because whatever he prescribes me just makes it worse or causes me to just break out completely which ive been able to control pretty much without any medication. so! for the last few days ive been using egg whites, baking soda, and acv. that's it. no face washes or exfoliators. just t
  9. ive been using ACV as a toner for probably close to a month and have seen pretty good results, but i was wondering if maybe drinking it will provide for better and faster results? does anyone have expierience with the comparison?
  10. rokoko- mine looks just like yours! no acne really, just red marks that make my face look worse than it really is. ive been using ACV on and off for the last month and have seen pretty good results.
  11. ACV has done WONDERS to my skin in just over a week. the thing is, it isnt really helping with break outs.. just the red marks. does anyone have suggestions of what i should use to remove zits faster and thats safe to use with the acv? the breaking out is really mild, just a few here and there. any help would be appreciated.
  12. ONLY 4 DAYS into using ACV and ive already seen great results. i wasnt expecting results so quickly, but im absolutely amazed. (its probably due to the fact that i also apply it 5 times a day lol). i dont think it will take much longer to completely eliminate the red marks on my face. everyone should definitely try this for sure!!
  13. ive been using it for less than a week and it hasn't really made me break out. yeah, maybe a REALLY tiny blemish but thats basically it and with the help of ACV it dries it out anyway. you can either drink it, or apply it to your face. i apply it as a toner with a cotton ball and ive seen awesome results this way. ive also read past posts that have said it has a horrible taste so probably applying it directly is a better approach. and it can be found in the salad dressing aisle at a super market