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  1. Seems to be what happened to me. Could the ingredients in hair conditioner or shampoo clog pores?
  2. The thing is, though - lips typically need exfoliation too. Beauty mags always talk about lightly rubbing them with a toothbrush to remove dead skin and to increase circulation. So like with skin, it becomes an issue of chemical vs. physical exfoliation. You just need to be much gentler than you would with skin. Besides, LHF contains a very mild AHA at a very low concentration. I think it's safe as long as you don't go crazy and start doing it twice a day or something.
  3. Apparently since AHAs are the miracle drug for skin, I decided to use some Lac-Hydrin Five (which has lactic acid) on my lips. At first it stung something AWFUL, but I managed to get it all absorbed and voila... my lips became softer, redder and "fuller". I highly recommend, and it beats greasy lip balm. My lips feel naturally hydrated.
  4. This is a question that's been bothering me since I got my first few pimples as a hormonally-adjusting preteen. The white gunk that forms on top of a pimple when it comes to a head, in my understanding, is dead white blood cells that were fighting the infection within the pimple. So WHY do some pimples turn red... never come to a white head, and just fade?!
  5. I don't know how exfoliation would CAUSE cysts, unless you were using an exfoliating brush that had accumulated bacteria, or unless you rubbed your skin really hard. How much exfoliation you need depends on your skin type. Some people can take twice a day, some people can't stand more than once a week. If you don't have visible flakiness or skin that is rough to the touch - don't scrub! It's not necessary to exfoliate unless there is something to exfoliate. Scrubbing away at soft, living skin
  6. Yes, that does help. Knowing it's a scab makes me feel better, since that means it'll go away faster than a red mark. But would using Apple Cider Vinegar help at all?
  7. So it's been ONLY several days to a week that the skin in these places has started healing, and now there seems to be a very thin layer of brownish-tinted skin in the healing trouble spots, like a very thin scab... The skin is less elastic and soft than everywhere else, too, which further leads me to believe it's like a thin scab. What do you think this might be? Assuming it's a scab, it should dry up and peel away eventually, revealing normal skin underneath.. how long should that take? Will
  8. Not in all cases. I can pop a whitehead and not have anything pop up beside it.
  9. Yup! Plus after a few weeks of usage the loofah also becomes TOO soft and I have to rub hard to get it to exfoliate, which I don't like to do because the rubbing itself, unlike the exfoliation, is a stressor on my skin. It'll exfoliate, but I have to wait like 5 minutes for the redness to go down, which isn't good. Thanks for the support, I guess it's not that abnormal after all. It's actually kind of an advantage since fast cell turnover = fast healing and fading of red marks. I just have to
  10. I use a natural loofah sponge, soaked in warm water to soften it significantly, to exfoliate my forehead. Judging from the posts on these boards that's way waaaaay too harsh... but for some reason it works for my skin, and scrubs and stuff aren't really enough for me. So is the skin on my forehead like a large cancerous mass that has cells that die and multiply like crazy? Why is it so, well, exfoliate-able?
  11. I've been using BP and moisturizing for 2 weeks now... when does the shiny wrinklyness go away?
  12. So I have been using the BP for about 2 weeks now... and the place where I've been using it (my forehead) has developed a weird texture. It's smooth to the touch but LOOKS oily because it's so shiny... but now I'm beginning to think it's not oil but dryness because it looks just as shiny right after I wash it. Also it appears a bit more wrinkly - like a web of little tiny wrinkles whenever I move my eyebrows around. What gives? Am I just kidding myself and I have oily skin? Could excessive exf
  13. lox45

    Yaz vs. OTC

    Okay kind of an early update... I've been on OTC only two days and in just the first day I could see that my pores were producing far less oil. My skin needs to be moisturized more now, but when it is it is very silky and soft. Don't want to jinx myself so *fingers crossed*
  14. lox45

    Yaz vs. OTC

    Well, I switched to OTC and got Benzaclin, which cleared me up COMPLETELY last time. I'm hoping the combination of the two will help - I only have mild acne on my forehead so