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  1. Hey I've been off and on the regimen in the past for about a year and a half now, but last month i asked myself 'why?' i wasn't about to see results anytime soon if i carried on that way. I'm an 18 y/o guy, so my acne is the evil persistent type which you wanted to scream in the mirror at and glared at these clearasil adverts which promised you 3 days til your problem is gone! (which is all rubbish) So anyway my regimen consists of using Dan's regimen - apart from the moisturizer, i dont moistur
  2. Hey there, i've been on the regimen for about 6 weeks now, and my skin is almost clear, the only problem that remains is SHINY skin (specifically the nose, area around the nose and forehead) and because my skin is almost clear, and the tone is returning to its natural colour, the shine is MORE prominent. I sparringly use moisturizer because it just puts more emphasis on the shine (by adding more) i only use a small amount of moisturizer so i can put concealer on without it being flakey. I've thr
  3. ive been usin them for about a week now, along with a healthy diet and loads of water, and my face is clearing
  4. today i had: 8+ glasses of water (i tend to lose count) 1 cup of pure orange juice 3 bananas, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 plum. Tomato and pepper pasta Chicken and garlic kievs, with *cant remember name* rice, and a mix salad, with carrots and red cabbage. A small bakewell tart and 'low fat' bag of crisps. (my treat ) Will probably have another plum or pear before i go to bed.
  5. Hi, That's still a topic that will need to be covered by other members. I don't live there so it's hard to say. Check back through the last 5 or so pages, some members recommended some from there. I think a place called boots. I can't recall, check it out. If you find some good deals, paste them here so I can put it in the main post for people who are not from the U.S. Yeah Boots will sell them, if someone doesn't go there before i do, i'll let you know whats there cos im planning
  6. would something like that clog pores? it sounds like something i could do for when the summer comes
  7. i never pop them, if u do the bacteria just spreads, and forms a new one in the same place, or maybe even a cluster of them in the area. Just wait for them to dry out and pop naturally, i had tonnes on my face two days ago, didnt touch them at all, just washed, and now 80 percent are gone, with no red marks.
  8. Today so far i had- 7 cups of water Three bananas A pear An apple Then for my tea i hadd : A roast, including lots of peas, carrots, lots of brocoli, other wierd green things i dont know the name of lol, two roast potatoes, small amount of beef, and 2 yorkshire puddings. For the rest of the day i intend to: Drink 3 more cups of water, Drink two cups of green tea, eat another apple, and another pear. I think today i've been quite healthy lol
  9. I gave in to temptation and had some chocolate hobnobs (biscuits) lol Why does bad food taste so good? Ah well a few biscuits wont hurt lol.
  10. I'd feel so happy I'd feel free. to not have to look at everything that shows my reflection to not worry about how i look or how others think i look i'd actually go out and socialise I'd eat whatever i want without worrying if it affects my skin i'd take up the modeling contract that was offered to me before my skin flared up. I'd be so damn happy. People are so lucky o.o
  11. when you check the weather forecast, so you can avoid going out on a sunny day, strong natural lighting really shows all your flaws on your face. i only like going out if its cloudy.