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  1. I begged my doctor several years ago to put me on accutane and he wouldn't do it. Now I'm glad. If you do get a doctor to put you on accutane, make sure he or she tells you all of the risks involved with the drug and make sure you understand and are ready to deal with the worsening of your face and everything else emotional that goes along with that. If you're already depressed about the whole situation, the last thing you need to do is order the stuff off the internet. I have ordered medica
  2. I've never used accutane, and I do know several people who have used it successfully in the past. My own father is one of them. However, a friend of mine committed suicide in February because his family did not realize that depression and suicidal tendencies were side effects of accutane, and therefore did not see the symptoms of it before it was too late. I know a lot of people will probably real this and say that there were probably other factors involved and that the accutane cannot possib
  3. It's used for heart conditions in men.. but definitely not for acne.
  4. You have to either get it online or ask your pharmacist for it.. they keep it behind the pharmacy counter... However, you have to use the stuff consistently for weeks before it actually starts working. And even then, I didn't find it to be all that useful. The Clinac BPO is better, but it's prescription..
  5. Hey.. I haven't responded in this topic in a while mainly because I've been busy, but my skin has also been the clearest it has been in the past year and a half, so I haven't been seeking advice. ) But I have lately had an unusually large amount of free time, so I thought I'd stop by. I've been on Spiro and Ortho Tri Cyclen for several months now.. I still get a few zits, but it's NO CYSTS in MONTHS! It's amazing. I still am having no trouble with oiliness on my face, and the excessive scalp
  6. Okay.. I have several things to comment on here. First, about the French people not showering or changing their underwear - Just because they don't shower every day doesn't mean that they're filthy. Most Americans have just gotten so used to showering daily that they believe that everyone who doesn't do it is digusting. I mean, there is a reason that France has such a booming perfume industry, right? Also, soap, shampoo, and deodorant are a lot more expensive there than they are here.. I
  7. It is supposed to help with excessive facial and body hair in women... but that's testosterone related, so who knows why it might have an effect on losing other hair..
  8. I was on 100 mg a day, but I switched to 50 because my skin was getting a little too dry.. It seems to have gotten better since I went down. I think the scalp dryness is calming down too. One thing I forgot to mention... Even though I'm on Ortho Tri-Cyclen along with the Spiro, I've had spotting for like an entire month without ever getting an actual period.. So that's weird.
  9. I agree that B5 doesn't really help for acne.. though, honestly, two weeks is not long enough to try anything to be able to tell whether or not it is working for you. Everything I've read has said that it takes around three months to see the full effects of B5 (if, indeed, there are any).
  10. My hands AND feet have been drier lately.. but I didn't connect it to the spiro until I just read that... Has anyone else had their scalp getting dry though? Yesterday was so exciting.... I went the whole 8.5 hours I was at work without blotting my face or touching up my makeup. Spiro is AMAZING! I'd probably be totally clear if I could only stop picking the zits I do get...
  11. If you put a little bit of neosporin on a zit that's already there, it does wonders for reducing the redness and keeping it from resulting in a redmark after it's gone. I mean WONDERS! As for redmarks that are already there - I'm scared to use anything on them bc I'm scared anything I use for the redmarks will cause acne! Are these things you guys list safe in that respect?
  12. Um.. You guys get cysts that can actually be popped? Mine are so huge and deep that it's basically impossible to pop them. I tried the needle thing several times and ended up with a gaping hole in my face. It's best to just pile BP or something on it until it stops hurting. Seriously, piercing it and trying to get the gunk out that way is really bad because you get obsessed with trying to get it out and tear up your face. I've got myself some lovely scars from spending all that time at the
  13. Yeah, it definitely helps putting BP on it constantly... also, once it gets itchy like you can feel that it's healing, neosporin helps.
  14. Oh my gosh, that could totally be possible. I never thought about it before, but the clearest my skin ever was was when I went away to college and was living in a dorm. Of course, so many other factors changed when I moved back home that I can't be sure that the dogs had anything to do with it. Who knows?
  15. They don't work. You just end up pressing down on your skin until you have a little circle from the instrument, and the blackhead is still there with just a little less gunk in it. And I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but I've found that squeezing blackheads ends up causing full-fledged zits.