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  1. Tried to order the Benzo cream since August and it still hasnt arrived. The package is lost. Customer service said its at my own risk to have it shipped internationally. So why should I keep ordering anything when theres a possible chance I would pay for something that I would never receive?
    I would say its not bad of a benzo cream. works well but people ordering this product to CANADA beware! I ordered mine from the summer and it still has NOT arrived at my address. it has been lost and they would not send you another one. its at YOUR own risk. theres a chance you could continue ordering prodcuts from them and it will never arrive at your doorstep and you'll just be throwing money away
  2. hey!really appreciate your comment and sympathyi know my friends wont judge me for how i look but its just a personal thing i cant get thru myself. im quite the perfectionist and all about looking good. it jsut totally brings the esteem level down.but i do try to have a better outlook and positivity. im actually starting to try and do a liver cleanse. so im being hopeful and a bit more happy.
  3. whooops

    i feel so depressed

    thanks for the positivity
  4. the sun is out. i should be enjoying this and calling up all my friends to go out and do somehting but yet i rather be alone and just sulk at home. its driving me nuts cuz im so torn between seeing my friends or someone and talking about this and just being alone. i dont ive ever felt like this since the first time i broke out big time. which was back in 2007.
  5. yes i wear makeup. i wear everyday minerals. i have been using them for about 5 years now. my regimen is: AM: Dessert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30 then my makeup PM: Dessert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash then I switch between scrubs (Dermalogica/ Stem Organics Scrub/ Collective Wellbeing Honey Buff) I usually use Dan's BP, but last week I was trying Mario Badescu Healing Cream Jojoba Oil (but
  6. ive always had acne and ive been dealing with it for 5 years now, as well as the scars. BUT it has always been somewhat controlled. but now i suddenly broke out into these small tiny bumps all over the face making my face look incredibly bumpy i just came back from a roadtrip to california and im from vancouver canada and suddenly my face broke out into these small tiny bumps. it makes my face look so bumpy with makeup on. its probably best that i dont put makeup on but i have alwyas had makeup
  7. couple years ago when my face went to only a few pimples to more moderate acne i used acne.org for information and started to use Dan's BP which I am still using today. ive always still been battling with acne and scars but it was under control until NOW. this year my face has started to get worse and just last week I went on a roadtrip with a few friends and when I came back home my face was FILLED with whiteheads all over. all over the cheeks, jawline..everywhere but the forehead pretty muc
  8. Is there another site other than dankernsregimen.com to buy his BP gel? Because I live in Canada and with all the shipping and handling, it comes to a total of $33US. Btw, is there a gurantee or anything if I dont like it, I can return it?
  9. Ive used Proactiv for about a year or so. It DID help, left some red marks, but it was fading and I would get some pimples from time to time, but its controlled. In mid January 2007, I totally broke out. It started with a pimple, then a few more around the same area and them its EVERYWHERE on my cheeks. Both of them. I now have lots of redmarks, white heads (from my very oily skin), and some pustules like these ones: http://www.dermnet.com/image.cfm?passedArr...oduleGroupID=10 (not a lot though
  10. I never really got what 1:10 ratio meant. So like, if I wanted to put ACV in a container, would that mean, one cup of acv and like 10 cups of water?
  11. Ive never had acne before, only pimples here and there. Up until Oct 2005 (age 17), I experienced acne on my cheeks. Ive been battling it until May-June 2006. I only have acne scars but not so apparent. Then, I continue having some pimples here and there with scars up until Dec 2006. Then, Jan 2007 (age 19) came along, I totally broke out all over again, having a really oily complexion, acne around my cheeks, along my jawline, EVERYWHERE and its leaving red marks behind as well. I hate this, t
  12. I'm just curious to all those who use it as part of their regimen, do you freshly make it every morning or night? Or do you make a lot of it, put it in a bowl or some sort of a container and leave it in the fridge?