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  1. you could trim the hairs to a short length so they are not as obvious and then fill them in using a light brow pencil I suppose that if you were only dirty blonde or light brown you might also try the lemon juice and sun trick but that won't work if your eyebrows are real dark
  2. I know this is a little off the main topic, but someone once told me the aluminum in deodorant can cause breast cancer. However I think this is mostly unfounded claims made by people who take a more naturalist stance. However, even if it were true I highly doubt I would stop using deodorant. Similarly I cannot forsee ever stopping my use of cadmium-based paints or rubber cement which are KNOWN carcinogens. So I guess my point is that If I were in your situation I would use the BHT anyway. If t
  3. I do have a nordstrom near me, I'll definitely check out the prescriptives. It's funny, I've also gotten bad shade advice from a makeup artist before too...she told me to go a shade darker because my skin is so pale that the right foundation shade would make me look ghostly. I'd rather be ghostly than have a pancake face, though
  4. I've been on birth control for my acne for about five months now and It's really helped in clearing me up, although certain makeup will still make me break out. Now that my skin is not so bad and it's going to be summer I really want a foundation that is going to give me light coverage. I prefer liquid (or maybe a tinted moisturizer) because even though my skin is acne prone it is also really dry, even flaky at times. I tried and really liked Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous. It doesn't even cause
  5. as a very dark brunette who went very light blonde, I can say that it's nice to change. My reasoning was more for "punk" aesthetics...I wore my platinum hair with nearly black roots and brows. I liked the way it looked. I dye my hair often, all colors. I will say this, though...I got way more attention as a blonde and people even treated me more politely. That's something you can get used to
  6. My skin got progressively worse between 8th and 11th grades...and my makeup got progressively more heavy. I used to wear only concealer over my acne, and then I graduated to foundation, foundation and concealer, liquid and powder foundation...eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, mascara, highlighter.... Now even on my best days (I'm pretty clear now) if I am not wearing lots of makeup, I feel horrid. Sometimes I wish I never discovered it. I think a lot of us would be better off if it had never been inven
  7. I was looking up weight loss schemes and this came up as one of them. Supposedly, along with diet and exercise (of course) you can loss up to 1 pound a day and it's supposed to take care of your acne as well. It's "all-natural" composed of ingredients that Dr. Pericone reccomends to deal with skin issues. I'm just wondering it anyone has tried this before I shell out 39.99 plus shipping and handling...
  8. I haven't had any experience with this makeup, but in general if it is a makeup product causing a breakout you will notice within the same night/next morning or so. when you wash off at night and your existing pimples are extra red and angry, if your skin is itchy, or if you already feel little bumps that you didn't notice in the morning its probably the makeup. Or, if that doesnt happen right away, over the next two days you might experience a cluster of closed comedones. I'm not sure but I'v
  9. In the past I've used moisturizer as a primer, all different kinds, neutrogena, aveeno, cetaphil, etc... and each and everytime my skin has new breakouts when I wash it off. I don't understand it, because when I have used both products (the moisturizer and foundation) separately they didn't cause me to break out. I have super dry skin, which is why I was doing it. Now I use either smashbox photofinish or fix + to prime. I was just wondering if anyone else had this strange problem
  10. i wore it over the summer, and didn't like it that much I'm also and NC15 and had to get the 20...although it didn't turn orange on me it did however have the dreaded makeup meltdown almost every time i wore it. it rubbed off easily and settled in creases. maybe it's simply because it was the summer and my skin was more oily, I don't know. It didn't cause any breakouts
  11. I think it makes me feel better to know that celebrities have acne too. You see people like Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz, and you think "my god, those girls are beautiful and perfect" and when you learn that they're not you yourself feel better because you aren't alone. I think that they should stop retouching photos. These men and women are beautiful anyway, and making them seem like they are the perfect beings just perpetuates the myth that you too should be able to attain this. It mak
  12. I'm sorry you guys had a bad experience with bare minerals. I actually like it...much better than any other foundation I've tried. It hasn't broken me out, doesn't rub off that easily and doesn't get cakey. I set it with mac's Fix + spray before and after I put it on. That takes away the powdery look that minerals sometimes get and makes it look more natural. It's expensive but worth it if you have the money.
  13. I've had good experiences with Bare Minerals... there's only one major problem with is I've had other than the cost (25$! ) and that's that the lightest color is still a little to dark for me but I am very fair, and wear the second to lightest shade of Golden in EM, so I don't think that would be a problem for you. If you can handle the cost, go to sephora and test out the colors. You don't have to buy the kit there (which is 60$ and not worth it imo) you can just get the jar. It actually last
  14. Thanks for your comments The color matches seemed good, I think I'm a golden fair. I got samples of the intensive formula. I think I'll try it with some moisturizer and see how it goes.